Top 10 Best Steam Cleaner for Tile and Grout [Reviews 2022]

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Nobody likes a dirty floor, do they?  Normally, our household contains a lot of stuff that gets dirty daily. In such situations, a traditional style mopping works but it requires a lot of physical effort.

Are you sick of sticky gluey mess on your floors or kitchen counter? Now its time to de-stress yourself!

To provide you an ease of cleaning and complete sanitizing, Our team has tested manually many different sanitizing machines to give you a worthy collection to choose from. 

Steam cleaners not only restrict’s you to clean dirty floors but can also be used to deodorize clothes, couch, and to burst out grease and grime from kitchen utensils.

10 Best Steam Cleaners for Tile and Grout [2022]

Our Top Choice

BISSELL SteamShot Deluxe



  • Consistent water temperature
  • Clean embedded dirt & stains
  • Highly portable machine
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Dupray Neat Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner


  • Heavy-duty steam cleaner
  • Release 275°F super-hot steam
  • 50 minutes cleaning time
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BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop BISSELL PowerFresh


  • Clean and sanitize floors
  • 3 level steaming for your ease
  • Ready in 30 secs
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McCulloch MC1275, 2458 McCulloch MC1275


  • Naturally deep cleaning
  • Large tank capacity
  • 18-versatile accessories
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PurSteam Handheld Steam Cleaner PurSteam 10 in 1


  • Multipurpose steam mop
  • 99% of sanitation
  • Ready in 30 sec
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Steamfast SF-370 Steamfast SF-370


  • Maximum portability
  • Eliminates stains & spots
  • On-demand steam control
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Steam Mop,LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Mop,LIGHT ‘N’ EASY


  • Super light design
  • Get ready in 20 sec
  • Reachable in all tight spaces
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 McCulloch MC1385 McCulloch MC1385


  • Chemical free cleaning
  • Lockable steam trigger
  • 11 versatile accessories
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BISSELL Powerfresh Slim Steam Mop BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop


  • Steam on demand
  • 12 oz tank capacity
  • Washable microfiber pads
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Penta Beauty Steam Cleaner PentaBeauty Steam Cleaner


  • good for home and kitchen
  • high pressure easy press trigger
  • Child safety lock
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1. Bissell 39N78: Professional Tile Steam Cleaner

Bissell 39N7A Steam Vacuum CleanerThe Bissell Steam Shot is the best handheld steam cleaner for grout and is easily available in the market. It is small in size and offers swift cleaning.

The steam mop’s quality is priced perfectly and is definitely worth the money.  Every product bought from BISSELL helps save homeless pets. So, buying this product is like killing two birds with a single stone.

Along with being small, the device is extremely compact and light-weight. It is super easy to assemble and easily fits in any cupboard or a cabinet or even in its box. It comes with a set of reliable tools on hand; cleaning is no more an issue.

The bissell steam shot hard-surface cleaner takes up only 30 to 40 seconds on average and its steaming is ready for the Show Time.

With a small-sized power tank- about 6.6 ounces, the steam is produced for a limited time which definitely can be recovered by re-filling the tank. Its 20 feet long power cord offers flexibility and freedom to move around.

It’s great for scrubbing and cleaning grout tiles, steaming garments, cars interior and exterior cleaning and even for bathrooms and shower.

It comes with an extension hose, a nozzle, a scraping, and a brush tool. Not only this but for a detailed cleaning you get an angle concentrator tool, a fabric steamer, a window squeegee, and a grout brush makes this device a best grout cleaner.

Moving on with its versatility, this tool can be used on ceramic, marble, hardwood and granite surfaces likewise.

  • Easy to assemble due to its compact design

  • Long power cord for hard to reach spot

  • Scrubbers are excellent in cleaning grout

  • Heat up in just 30 seconds

  • Small water container

  • Pretty loud

2. Dupray Neat: Tile and Grout Cleaning Machine

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Best Steam Cleaner for Floors and CarsThe only difference between the best and the average steamers is their quality and then its price. This product from Dupray is a residential steam cleaner that excels in both options and is certainly a good choice. It comes with a 3-year warranty and a 16-inch long power cord.

The Neat steamer is about 9 lbs. in weight and has a cube-shaped design. Its retractable handle is a blessing as it gives it a nice grip and makes it super comfortable.

Dupray neat steam cleaner review comes with wheels and has cord storage on its back. A trigger button allows you to control the steam without any hassle. The only problem with its button is, it requires some effort to push down.

It has an amazing steaming temperature of 275o and that too is attained in a short period of 7 minutes. The steam is produced from a water tank that can contain about 54 ounces of water. What’s more interesting about this unit is that it can work for about an hour! You can easily clean a all the surfaces around the house and also best for the car detailing.

A dupray steam cleaner has a measuring cup that allows the user to pour water into the tank. It works on the button system, once the button is ON wait for the green light indication which means the device is ready to get in action.

You get a generous number of tools with this unit-about eighteen. These include extension tubes, nylon, and brass brushes, a lance, a triangular and window tool, and three microfiber pads. The fibrous pad is clamped on to the head of the unit and offers flawless cleaning instantly.

  • 18 versatile & durable accessory kit

  • High tank capacity delivers 50 mins of cleaning

  • Purifies surfaces without harsh chemicals

  • Portable due to smooth-rolling wheels

  • Kills 99.9% of germs, bed bugs & dust mites

  •   Lack indicator to check the water level

  • Difficult to drain water after cleaning

3. Bissell Powerfresh: Steam Mop for Tile Floors

BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop Hard Floor CleanerThis little accessory for household cleaning from BISSELL is a pleasant and competitive edition available in the market. Power-Fresh steam mop cleaner is safety conscious, so it’s sensitive to germs and bacteria and quickly gets rid of them.

With a square shape and easy to fill the water tank, this steam mop for tile floor scores an A in its strength as well as beauty.

This steam cleaner device can only be used for hard floors and performs better if the floor is brushed before its usage. The unit comes with a wall-mount and few screws as it can’t stand on its own.

The power and the performance of a bissell powerfresh steam mop lie in its steam reservoir. BISSELL steam mop comes with three steam options that are high, medium, and low. It all depends on the nature of the surface and the contaminants you’re confronting. The steam settings can be adjusted with the help of its smart digital steam control system.

A stretchy band attaches the pad to the mop head and instantly leans the mess. The microfiber pads can be reused and are easy to clean. It carries a small space to fit breeze Fresh discs that will leave your floor with a delicate fragrance.

The sticky, dried mess won’t be a problem anymore thanks to its detachable pad that is rough and excellent for scrubbing. It comes with a scraping tool, crevice, and round brushes in addition to a nozzle.

  • Ready to steam in just 30 seconds

  • Digital steam control with 3 distinct steam level

  • Effectively clean and sanitize tile floor

  • Remove tough messes with the help of a scrubber

  • Fragrance disc to get fresh surrounding

  • Short power cord

4. Mcculloch Mc1275: Best Steamer for Tile Floors

McCulloch MC 1275 Best Steam Cleaner for TilesNot many steam cleaners show such strong, all-round performance, like this one. Buy this heavy-duty steam cleaner and forget about any kind of machine’s malfunctioning as it comes with a 2-year warranty offer.

McCulloch MC1275 is the best steam cleaner for grout that comes with a freaking 15.7’’ long power cord, it can practically cover your entire room. Thanks to its wheels,

McCulloch steam cleaner is easy to move around. Overall, the device is compact and comes with a total of 18 accessories.

It is easy to fit in small places and cleans tough to reach areas like a pro. With this this heavy-duty unit removing stains from all floors is no big deal.

Its 43-ounce water reservoir is capable of producing powerful steam for as long as 45 minutes. Filling and emptying the water tank is super easy.

The device is super quick and heats up in just 8-9 minutes, giving you a powerful steam pressure of 43 psi. For continuous steam flow, you can take advantage of the steam trigger lock. Usage of Mcculloch Mc1275 steam cleaning machine is not just limited to tiles, this steam cleaner also destroy bed bugs and dust mites.

It cleans and sanitizes, keeping you, your kids, and pets safe from those hidden enemies.

By assuming the efficient performance of this tool, I can conclude that it is versatile and powerful. This device can bring back the lost shine of tile, and clean upholstery carpets and floors as well. There’s nothing in your house that you can’t clean with it.

The device comes with nylon and brass brushes, a scrubbing pad, a floor mop, a cone, and floor brush and cleaning pads. That’s a lot!

  • Large reservoir provides 45 mins of continuous steaming

  • Disinfect surroundings without using chemicals

  • 18 different multipurpose attachments

  • Long cord for hard to reach areas

  • Tackle toughest grease & grime

  •     Pretty loud, but not bad enough

5. ThermaPro 10-in-1: Handheld Steam Cleaner for Grout

Steam Mop Cleaner 10 in 1 Best for FloorsPurSteam is proving its high standards by providing quality products over time. This steam cleaner comes with a decent tank capacity and starts quickly. Just let the unit pre-heat before you use it for a flawlessly cleaned room.

This steam mop cleaner is a 10 in 1 device and can be quickly convertible to a detachable handheld steamer as well. You can clean the kitchen shelves and corners very effectively using this tool.

The steam mop is made from heavy-duty plastic and is extremely quick and easy to assemble. Fill the water tank, attach the handle to the base, and wait for a click sound. The sound signals the steam unit is ready for some action.

From glass to vinyl and ceramic to hardwood, this tool can clean almost any surface around. The device offers 3 adjustable steam settings with a decent tank capacity of 340 ml that can work fine for 20-25 minutes.

Within 30 seconds, this device produces super-hot steam that can clean the tough stains as well as kill those micro-germs.

Its pads are made from micro-sized fibers which allow this steam cleaner for bathroom tiles to run smoothly and efficiently clean all the dirt, stains, and mud marks from the floor.

These pads are soft and cushiony, therefore offer perfect absorption. If they get dirty, just hop them in the solution of water and detergent and gently rub to make them ready for reuse.

The number of accessories this unit comes with is incredible. The mop unit comes with two cleaning pads, four brushes that are made from nylon, a window squeegee, a straight and a bent nozzle.

  • Triangular head shape cleans every edge & corner

  • Produces steam in less than 25 sec

  • Handheld steamer sanitize anything in the house

  • Small water reservoir, needs refill for large space

  • Short power cord

6. Steamfast Sf 370: High Pressure Grout Cleaner

Steamfast SF-370 Steam Vacuum for Bed BugsSteamFast is known to be famous for its unique yet affordable household products. This time around, it is a steam mop cleaner that can be used for plenty of surfaces whether it is your wooden floor bed-room or tiled bathroom.

Made from solid and sturdy plastic, this device is extremely durable and worth every penny.

It includes a decent-sized 15-foot power hose that gives you the ability to get in every nook and corner of the place, ensuring complete cleanliness.

Along with the decent addition, the 2-year warranty and replace offer is too good to be real. In short, this steam cleaner for cleaning the tile floor is the perfect deal.

The steam setting can be changed with the locking switch that gives steam when required or adjusts to get continuous steam.

It takes approximately 8 minutes to heat up properly and can work for up to 45 minutes. The 48-ounce water reservoir is responsible for this and the result is an excellent performance.

It comes equipped with a 1500-watt motor that leads to the production of powerful steam. The steam is meant to make the surfaces free from visible dirt and hidden germs.

It comes with nylon and brass utility brushes, a scrub and corner tool, jet nozzle wands, and cleaning pads.

Nylon brushes can be used for ceramic and tile surfaces while the brass brush is great for removing grease and grimes from BBQ grills and other hard areas.

  • Affordable price

  • 15 multipurpose accessories

  • Long cord length to reach all corner

  • Integrated cord wrap

  • Sturdy hose and well-fit attachments

  • No water level indicator

7. Light N Easy 7618anw Lightweight Steam Mop Cleaner

Steam Mop,LIGHT 'N' EASY Floor SteamersStart using LIGHT ‘N EASY steam cleaner and say goodbye to stubborn stains. It’s slim and smart in design and can be used on a variety of surfaces. This device clean the grout lines without any worries.

Constructed creatively, this device is lightweight, easy to carry, and convenient to use with a modern ergonomic shape. It is made from premium quality plastic and weighs almost 5 pounds.

This slim and upright device easily fits in long cabinets or support on the wall corners.

The efficiency of such floor cleaners depends on their steam performance. Just give it 20 seconds to heat, and this device will provide a super high temperature of 175 Fahrenheit. This temperature is enough to kill all those microbes let alone the dirt and dust.

A water reservoir of about 7 ounces allows a cleaning time of 10 minutes only. Along with the carpets and thus laminated surfaces, it is great for bathroom floors as this is the best steam cleaner for bathroom wall tiles due to its nice absorbing strength.

Using this device is a breeze of fresh air. Just fill the reservoir with water and turn the switch on. Let the steaming begin and use it to make your area neat and clean. Its 20-foot cord may be short for large rooms but gets overshadowed by its resilient performance.

It comes with a telescopic handle, a glider attachment, a measuring cup, and a microfiber pad along with the unit itself.

  • Easy to maneuver because of its lightweight

  • Appropriate for hardwood, laminate, tiles & carpet

  • Steam blast away spots from floors

  • Easy to use & assemble

  •   Comes with 1 microfiber mop pad, gets dirty quickly

  • Small water reservoir

8. Mcculloch Mc1385: Bathroom Tiles Cleaning Machine

Mcculloch Mc1385 Canister Steam Cleaner For Tile FloorsCertification, testing, and the fulfillment of the voltage requirement all indicate that this device is perfectly safe to use. The device is armed with a 2-year long warranty as well as up to 23 accessories that made its quantity relatable to its quality.

With an 18-foot-long power cable, the machine can move around flexibly. This is a big device that has been designed very cleverly with the top quality material.

It offers an adjustable steam control and a steam lock as well with a strong steaming pressure of 58 psi’s that can fly away from the dust and dirt. It can clean the windows as well.

Who needs chemical formulas to sanitize home when this device can do it with the power of its steam. In just a short span of 12 minutes, this device produces super-hot steam that inactivates the bad germs along with the effortless removal of gunk and slime.

Its reservoir has a tank capacity of 64 ounces that allow the device to run smoothly for a total of two hours. These specifications are unmatchable.

It carries with it, mop pads, floor mops, angled nozzles, scrubbing pads, brushes, scrubbers, squeegees, and much more. The mop comes with a storage case, a bristle attachment, an accessory net, and a filling cup as well.

It can clean the dust as well as the greasy and oily mess from grouts, granite, laminated tools, grills, auto-vehicles, and whatnot. As the name indicates, this device is multipurpose.

  • Wiping attachment helps to clean windows & mirror

  • Super-heated steam kills 99% of bacteria & viruses

  • 23 pieces of professional accessories set

  • 18-foot long power cord

  • Variable steam control

  • No gauge to check the water level

  • Lacks clip on the cord to wrap 

9. Bissell Steam Mop For Hard Floors and Furniture

Bissell PowerFresh SlimWho needs a regular mop when this 12-in-1 Handheld Steam Cleaner can rock it all? I am not joking when it says that this device can clean everything. Steam mop cleaners are different from our traditional style mops.

This is the best steam cleaner for tile and grout that is designed in a triangular shape that gets its edges in every nook and corner of the room, leaving behind a perfectly wiped surface.

It has a long power cord and an extension pole which gives plenty of space to roam about.

Supported by a 2-year long warranty, this device is perfect for all your cleaning ventures.

Whether you intend to wipe the floor or scrub off the mess, this device does that with the help of 3 controllable steam settings. These settings change the steam settings and values, allowing custom usage. With a water capacity of up to 8.5 ounces, the device has a period that can easily clean a small home.

Powered by high steaming pressure, this can get rid of simple dust to those sticky slimy messes in the kitchen. It uses natural tap water that prevents you from wasting pennies on any chemical water, making the device environmentally friendly.

Its cleaning pads are light on the surface and don’t leave any starch marks or scrapes. This built-in handheld cleaner can be used as a surface cleaner as well as a disinfectant. Porcelain, Tiles, Ceramic, and Hardwood floors are just a few examples.

  • Triangular head shape cleans every edge & corner

  • Produces steam in less than 25 sec

  • Handheld steamer sanitize anything in the house

  • Small water reservoir, needs refill for large space

  • Short power cord

10.  PentaBeauty: Commercial Steam Cleaner for Tile Floors

Penta Beauty Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner,The FFDDYMS69 handheld steam cleaner is easy to assemble and quick to use. it is certified and hence is safe to use around children and family members. For ensured safety, the device comes with a child lock.

It is a cute little device that looks like a smart kettle is the best commercial steam cleaner for tile and grout.

As the name indicates, it is multipurpose and can clean several household surfaces including vinyl, laminate, marble, and granite floors.

The device is perfect for kitchen shelves, room floors, curtains, showers, car seats, mattresses, and even BBQ grills are among the few options.

With a strong steaming pressure and a handful of secondary tools, this device can clean pretty much everything in your household. This device has the potential to be your house helper.

It has a powerful engine of 1050 W that produces a boosting high pressure. The steam engine allows a change of settings thanks to its trigger button.

It has a 350 ml tank capacity that allows the machine to run for about 7-10 minutes on average.

A total of 9 accessories may seem less to you, but looking at their quality and durability, they might be the only tools that you’ll ever need in tile and grout steam cleaner.

The accessory kit includes an extended nozzle, spray cup, a brush, funnel, measuring cup, and a spray cup. In addition to this, it has a towel sleeve and a brush plate for cleaning doors and windows.

  • Easy to press trigger delivers powerful steam

  • Includes child lock & safety cover

  • Kills 90% for bacteria & viruses

  • Ease of use & durability

  • Spill water from wand


What is the fastest way to clean tiles & grout?

Use of a good quality steam cleaner is the best, easiest, and fastest way for cleaning tiles and grout. Make sure to get a steam cleaning machine that comes with attachments to clean the tile floor.

Steam cleaner that cleans tiles comes with a special scrubber attachment that gets attached to the nozzle and lets you perform cleaning efficiently.

Does steam cleaning damage grout?

Steam cleaning is a very gentle way to clean grout. It only requires plain water to produce steam which helps in removing dirt from grout.

Spraying the steam in grout makes stubborn stains soft which can easily be removed using a mop or a gentle wipe of a cloth. All this process is 100% natural and there isn’t a need for chemicals.

How often to clean grout?

Cleaning cycle usually depends upon how quickly the grout catches dirt and stains. Apart, from the mentioned factor it is recommended to clean the grout at least twice a week.

If you are using a steam cleaner for cleaning grout, there is no need to attach the scrubber every time. Just steam and wipe will do the trick.

Which steam cleaner is best for tile & grout?

All the above mentioned steam cleaners are good for removing dirt and stains from tile floor and grout. From the above list our top recommendation is the Dupray Steam Cleaner.

Bottom Line!

This was the list of the best steam cleaners for tile and grout.  Each tried and tested product was carefully reviewed pointing out its key features. The best device is the one that suffices all your needs. The choice and selection of a steam cleaner depend on what you’ll use this for.

Similarly, strength and steam pressure vary from product to product. With this in mind, I hope you find the one device that works the best for you. Do share your feedback and let me know which device performs effortlessly for you.


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