How Hot Does a Steam Cleaner Get? Let’s Find Out

How Hot Does a Steam Cleaner Gets

With so much interest in home cleaning, everybody has concerns about eliminating grime, dirt, and hard to remove spots without applying harsh chemicals. People look for natural and chemical-free solutions.

If your preference is to clean and sanitize your home naturally, then steam cleaner is your best bet. It’s a simple, fast, trustworthy and easy solution to get rid of dirt and stains.

Before buying a steam cleaner for your home, it’s essential to acquire knowledge about a machine’s main features. Its tank capacity, running time, accessories, and heat pressure, how it works, etc.

How Hot Do a Steam Cleaners Get

How Hot Does a Steam Cleaner GetsOne of the main features of a steam cleaner that determines its power is its ability to produce hot steam. So, you must learn how hot does a steam cleaner get before buying it.

The right place to start your search is to find the accurate pound per square inch (PSI) of the steam cleaner.

The highest boiling temperature means the high pressure of steam.

Domestic steam cleaners heat-up in between 150° and 300° Fahrenheit (66-149° Celsius). Standard steam cleaners heat-up ordinary water in less than 5 mins up to 245° F.

That is strong enough to burst out the stubborn spots and stains on rugs, sofas, car interiors, kills bed bugs, and eliminates 99.9% of viruses in a jiffy.

Note: When the steamer is hot, be careful at that time, as accidental spills may cause burns.

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Steam Cleaner Temperature Benefits


Multi Functional Steam Cleaner For Carpet, Upholstery, Cars And MirrorVersatility is one of the best advantages of steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is an appropriate way to clean area rugs, bathroom, kitchen, upholstery, mirrors, car interior, and every nook and cranny of the house.

There is no need to use harsh chemicals in this process. This technique requires nothing except a simple tap or distilled water that turns into high-pressure steam and make any surface spotless and germs free.

Reduces Cross-Contamination

Corona Virus Covid-19With traditional cleaning, you won’t be able to reduce or overcome the problem of cross-contamination.

The risk of transferring bacteria and germs from one surface to another while cleaning is a serious problem, especially in this pandemic era of Coronavirus.

Hot and pressurized steam cleaner helps you to subdue the contamination of germs, viruses, and bacteria, and more. Many of the contaminations occur due to moisture on the surface. When all of these contaminants are exposed to hot vapor, they instantly die.

Chemical Free

As we have mentioned above, steam cleaning is a natural process of cleaning. Steaming delivers you a sparkling shine, while applying a chemical can leave you a streaky and grimy look.

Besides this, poisoning ingredients used in the detergents may cause various health problems.

  • Skin irritation
  • Allergic reactions
  • Breathing problem
  • Burning of sensations
  • Headaches

Control on Allergies

Control AllergiesA steam cleaner is also good for allergens as it eliminates dust mites, pollen grains, and other allergy particles with its high-pressure steam that comes through its nozzle.

It’s strong enough to make allergens harmless on the surfaces like upholstery, pillows, and carpets. Discontinuing the use of toxic chemicals is another way to get allergy relief.

Eliminate Bed Bugs

Kills Bed BugsBed bugs are flat and small insects that hide in bed, furniture, cracks, and crevices of walls. It’s not an easy task to get rid of these little beasts.

High temperature is the only possible way to kill these nasty bugs.

With the help of a steam cleaner for bed bugs, you can sanitize the surface quickly.

Continuous exposure to a temperature of 160-180°F kills the bed bugs in a short time.

Steam cleaning is a much-needed practice to steam clean and sanitize used furniture.

Tip: You can repeat the process of steaming twice a week to get rid of these tiny insects and their eggs completely.

10 Best Steam Cleaners for Bed Bugs

Remove Odors

Steam Cleaner removes pet odorsA steam cleaner is a very powerful and effective tool. Many of the machines come along with enzyme formula that can remove stains and remove pet urine odor.

It penetrates deep inside the dirty surface, eliminates all the mess, and delivers you a neat and tidy environment around the house.


It is an Eco-friendly method of cleaning. It’s hot pressurized steam purify your home’s environment and make it safer for you, your family members, and pets.

Affordable Cleaning

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on professional steam cleaning services. Just buy a good steam cleaner unit as per your cleaning requirements. Follow the instructions mentioned in the manual in the right way, and you can achieve the commercial-grade cleaning with better results.

Here is the list of top 10 highly affordable steam cleaners: Best Steam Cleaner Under $100

Final Words

A steam cleaner is a magical cleaning machine that can efficiently clean and sanitized anything without putting in more effort and time. Steaming is a process that is a combo of heat and high pressure. This helps you eradicate all the embedded dirt, spots, and messes without utilizing toxic agents to harm floors and fabrics.

Can You Use a Steam Cleaner on Laminate Floors?

Can You Use a Steam Cleaner on Laminate Floors

Whether you have just upgraded your flooring or shifted to a new home that has lustrous laminate flooring, you want to keep it looking fresh like it was on day one. But kids and pets run around the house, and you can imagine the mess they create.

There starts the search for the ways to clean your laminate floors. Although you may be tempted to use steam cleaners or steam mops to lift off the dirt, stains, and blast all germs, it’s not recommended to use steam cleaner or mop.

Can You Use a Steam Cleaner on Laminate Floors?

NO! Steam can damage the core and make laminated floor swell or bend.

Before going further, let’s first understand what laminate flooring is and how does steam damage the laminate floors.

Construction of Laminate Floors

Installation of Laminate FloorsLaminate floors are comprised of four layers pressed together with high pressure, binding chemicals, and heat. The lower layer has a wooden base; the top layer (wear layer) is a transparent layer that protects the floor from stains and scratches. The middle layers are made of high-density fiberboard material.

The construction is susceptible to heat and moisture. Although it can bear occasional spills, long-standing water can seep through the seals, and the floor can swell and warp.

How Does Steam Damages The Laminate Flooring?

Steam Damage to Laminate FloorsSteam cleaners release high-temperature steam with pressure. So, it’s suitable for tough stains and germs. But, when the high pressure steam hit the laminate surface, it reaches the inner layers of laminate floors through the seams by weakening the sealant.

The vapor then cools down and turns into liquid. This moisture loosens the binding chemical that was holding the inner layers together. It results in laminate flooring to swell, warp, or bend. It’s how steam cleaner damages laminate floor.

Moreover, water-damaged laminate flooring can’t be fixed; it can only be replaced. So, the steam should be avoided to clean the laminate floors.

Water-Resistant Protective Coating

Water-Resistant Protective CoatingWith water-resistant laminate flooring material hitting the market, it has become popular among people for flooring. But does it make it suitable for steam cleaning? The answer is “yes” and “no”.  Let me tell you how.

If your floor’s protective coating is intact, only then you can use steam on a low heat setting and by quickly wiping off the moisture. However, only use it once in a while for deep cleaning purposes.

But over the period, the floor loses its HydroSeal and shine by wear and tear. With such floors, you can’t use steam mops ever for cleaning. The glossy shine and the protective coating also fade and discolors by frequent use of steam.

Effect on Warranty

Laminate manufacturing companies do not cover the damage resulting from improper cleaning methods and exposure to heat and water. If you do not want to lose your floor’s warranty, adhering to the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines is the best option.

How to Clean Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are easy to maintain if you adopt a few cleaning habits. Here we are mentioning a few tips to make your laminate floor as clean as new.

Vacuum and Dry Mop

How To Clean Laminate FloorsUse a vacuum or dry mop to wipe off the dirt and debris. Make a habit of vacuuming daily. Do not use abrasive tools, rotating brush, or beater bars.

Wet Spills

Wipe off the spills as soon as possible. Spills will damage the top wear layer, so it’s best to blot it straight away.

Tough Stains

Similarly, all the stains and spots should be cleaned immediately; else, it will be difficult to clean the spots.

For oil spots, you can use acetone on a clean cloth to wipe them off. Wax or chewing gum should be scraped off gently after icing it.

For unknown spots – use one part rubbing alcohol, three parts water, and a few drops of all-purpose cleaner. Damp your cloth with the solution, clean it gently, and wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

Spray Mop

You can use spray mops to deep clean laminate floors and restore their original shine.

  1. For this, fill the spray bottle with half a cup of rubbing alcohol, one tablespoon of dish soap, or cleaning liquid that can be used on laminate floors, and fill the rest of the bottle with the distilled water.
  2. You can also use water and vinegar solution. But do not use too much vinegar, as it is acidic, and too much acid can make the floor lose its shine.
  3. Move the mop in the direction of the grain and squirt the liquid as you go. The mop will dry the water immediately.
  4. It’s better to turn on the fan or open the windows, so the floor dries quickly.

What about Smudges and Streaks?

There can be many reasons to have smudges and streaks. If the floor is too dirty, streaks will appear. The trick is to mop again with a clean cloth until you see the sparkly clean surface. Always use a clean mopping pad. If the floor isn’t drying quickly, it can also leave a mark on the laminate surface. Moreover, the overuse of cleaning solution will result in sticky floors and leave smudges.


Laminate floors resemble hardwood flooring, and they are an economical and attractive floor covering option. In addition to that, they are scratch-resistant and durable if maintained properly. Steam cleaning is not appropriate for cleaning the laminate floors. But if you still chose to clean the water-resistant floors with steam, take proper precautions. Even the water-resistant floors should also be treated carefully with a low heat setting.

How to Clean an Area Rug with a Steam Cleaner [Easy Steps]

How to Clean an Area Rug with a Steam Cleaner

Area rugs add ambiance, warmth, color and have the delicacy of the full wall-to-wall carpet. It’s an attractive solution to protect your floors from unsightly scratches. But cleaning an area rug is always considered a daunting task, especially if it’s placed in a high-traffic area with many feet stomping over it.

Area-rugs become the hub of dust, allergens, and germs, bacteria, along with mysterious and unknown stains. Fortunately, there is an easy way to clean area-rugs yourself without using harsh chemicals and inhaling toxic fumes.

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How to Clean an Area Rug with a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaning is the best way to clean and disinfect home and stuff. Let’s have a look at the steps of cleaning an area rug using a steam cleaner.

You can check our blog post regarding effectiveness of steam cleaning against stubborn spots and bacteria’s.

Clear All the Objects from the Area Rug

Move the Furniture from Area RugClear the area rug from all the clutters that might get caught in the initial phase of vacuuming and impairing suction. Remove all the tables, chairs, and furniture and move it to another room. With all the clutter on the rug, it would be difficult to maneuver your steam cleaner around the rug resulting in slowing the process.

If you can take the area rug to a larger space with good airflow, that would be the best option. It will also help in drying the carpet quickly. When you shift your area rug to another space altogether, you will discover layers of dust and grime underneath it that you never knew existed. The hardwood floor will also get the chance of thorough cleaning this way.

Check Manufacturer’s Instructions

Before starting the cleaning, check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. If it says dry cleaning, then it’s not a good idea to steam clean the carpet or area rug because it produces which can cause damage. Also, check if your rug is colorfast or not before proceeding to clean.

Best Steam Cleaners for Carpet and Hard Floors

Vacuum Clean

  • Vacuum Cleaning of CarpetDon’t skip this step before starting steam cleaning, as it will help in sucking up pet’s hair and fine dust.
  • Vacuum slowly, as in your wish to speed up the process, you try to vacuum with quick and rapid movements. It doesn’t give the vacuum ample time to pick up all the dust particles.
  • Moreover, move the vacuum in both vertical and horizontal directions to loosen dust particles stuck in the rug fibers and pick up in the next pass.
  • Use proper vacuum accessories to deep clean the rug. For example, an upholstery attachment is suitable for fine area rugs, and beater bars shouldn’t be used on woolen rugs.
  • Turn over the area rug and vacuum the back side of the rug as well.

Check Color Fastnesss of the Area RugCheck Your Rug for Color Fastness

Before dealing with stains and spills, check the colorfastness of your rug as it can be a frustrating experience if the color of the rug bleeds, especially if you own a vintage or antique area rug.

  • Choose a not-so-prominent corner of the rug.
  • Use your steam cleaner or spray on the small corner to check that the colors don’t bleed.
  • Rugs with natural dyes remain vibrant in colors for years and don’t bleed or fade out quickly.

Spot Cleaning Stains

Remove Spots and Stains from RugThe stains, spots, and your furry friend’s accidental spills should be cleaned as soon as possible. The delayed clean-up sets the stains deep in the rug’s fibers and hence becomes difficult to clean.

  • Use a rug stain remover or spray on the stain. Make sure to select the stain remover that doesn’t have harsh chemicals in it.
  • The key to removing the stain is to dab at the spot with a piece of cloth rather than scrubbing.
  • You can remove pet urine stains from the carpet, too, by using a citrus-oxygen cleaner or stain remover. Even if the faded stain remains, it will be cleaned with the steam cleaner.
  • Similarly, spot cleans the stains according to their type and nature.

Prepare the Steam CleanerPrepare Your Steam Cleaner

  • The first step is to fill the reservoir with water. You can use warm water as well. Hard water has minerals that can damage the tank of your cleaner. Use distilled water.
  • Check your steam cleaner’s instructions for filling the tank or adding any cleaning solution.
  • You can also add some detergent to the tank. Some steam cleaners for carpets have a separate compartment for adding detergent.
  • You can also add an equal solution of white vinegar and water to the reservoir.
  • Attach the required accessories and allow your steam cleaner to heat the water till it becomes steam and ready to be used.

Start Steaming Your Rug in Sections

  • Clean Area Rug in SectionsStart from the farthest corner, so you don’t walk over the wet area.
  • Make small sections and move your steam cleaner slowly from one point to another.
  • Move your steam cleaner in straight lines rather than moving it diagonally.
  • If you are using detergent, then move it to the same section twice to thoroughly suck up the detergent without leaving residue.
  • Some steam cleaners do not require both push and pull movement, as they instantly suck the moisture. But if your steam cleaner requires back and forth motion, do it.
    Else your area rug will be soiled and wet, giving a chance to mold and mildew to grow.

Dry Your Area Rug

Allow your area rug adequate time to dry properly. Open up the windows, fans, or keep the rug in an airy space. Don’t walk over the rug until it’s dry, and don’t keep anything on it. You can also use a humidifier on a high setting to speed up the drying process.

Why Steam Cleaning Is a Better Option For Deep Cleaning Area Rug?

While professional cleaners efficiently do the job of cleaning the carpets and area rugs, they use harsh chemicals and shampoo to rub and lift the grime off the rug’s surface. To avoid harsh chemicals the water-based steam cleaners are your best bet to clean your area rug.

You can effortlessly clean your area rugs yourself if you have one of the best steam cleaner for area rugs at your disposal.

Steam cleaning destroys 99.99% viruses, germs, remove bed bugs, dust mites and harmful bacteria. Often lack of ventilation and high humidity can cause mysterious odors in carpet.

Steam cleaning helps in removing odors from rugs and carpet, including your pet’s urine scent from rugs. The steam is extremely hot that it can easily melt and lift off the grime, dirt, remove stains, and disinfect the entire rug.


As a rule of thumb, rugs and carpets should be deep-cleaned twice for disinfecting them. Steam cleaning has proved to be an efficient and cost-effective method to clean an area rug. Don’t put your treasured rug in danger by using toxic chemicals and give it a gentle yet powerful steam cleaning treatment to eliminate the germs and bacteria along with removing ugly blotches and dirt.

How to Clean Carpet with Steam Mop the Right Way [Easy Steps]

How to Clean Carpet with Steam Mop

Carpet and area rugs add beauty and style to your home décor. Stepping on it gives a very comfortable and cozy feeling. Nothing can beat these floor covering elements, but there is a major problem with carpeted flooring, and that is its cleaning and maintenance.

Carpet traps a lot of dust, dirt, pet dander, stains, and many other allergen particles. Its regular cleaning is very important else the beautiful piled carpet can harm your health.

Using a vacuum cleaner to clean carpet is a good idea, but it doesn’t remove food or spill stains from the carpet.

For deep cleaning and removing stubborn stains from the carpet, steam mop or steam cleaner works best.

Yes, you heard it right, you can clean the carpet with the steam mop. It cleans dirt, dust, and stubborn stains and also eliminates all the germs, bacteria, and viruses, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

If you are wondering how to clean carpet with steam mop, here you will find everything you need to know.

How to Clean Carpet with Steam Mop

Below is the step by step guide that will help you in cleaning the carpet:

Clear the RoomClear the Room

In step one, you have to move all the furniture, i.e. sofa, coffee table, chairs etc. If the furnishing is too heavy to lift then cover the bottom areas with waterproof tape or aluminum foil to protect it from damage. The other reason to shift the furniture is to allow easy maneuvering of the steam mop around the carpeted area.

Use Vacuum before Mopping

Use Vacuum before MoppingGenerally, we skip applying vacuum on the carpet. But remember it’s an essential step to remove pet hairs, food and dust particles before steaming. Always use vacuum in back and forth direction and move it gradually to pick up all the embedded dirt.

TIP: It is advisable to vacuum the entire carpet at least two times.

Pre-Treat Spotted Area

Pre Treat Spotted AreaVine, glue, crayon, pet pee or any other stain on the carpet need pre-treatment before steam mopping. Take a piece of cloth and stain removal solution. Spray the solution on the spotted area and leave it for 10-15 minutes. After that, scrub it slowly to fade the stain.

TIP: Don’t rub the surface with force. It may set those stains deeper in your carpet fiber.

Time to Attach Carpet Glider

Carpet GlidderNow attach the carpet glider on the mop head. The main function of this tool is to reduce friction between the carpet and steam mop pad. It takes seconds to attach and freshen up the entire surface in minutes without any problem. Moreover, this attachment works great even on high pile carpeting and makes cleaning a breeze.

Prepare Steam Mop

Prepare the Steam MopFill the water tank with water to its maximum level. You can use the measuring cup that comes with the mop, to make filing easier. You can also add different detergents and vinegar in the tank to get the best possible results.

Excessive use of these solutions may damage the surface of the carpet.

Our recommendation is to use simple tap or distilled water because the steam is hot enough to eliminate stubborn stains.

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Begin from Corner

Always start steam cleaning from the far corner of the carpet to check the steam pressure and its reaction. This will help you to proceed with the cleaning process more effectively.

Clean In Portions

Divide cleaning of the carpet in straight lines or portions. This technique will surely help you to clean every single spotted area. And by applying this practice, you can easily check the before and after cleaning results.

Move Machine Slowly

To get successful cleaning, running steam mop on the carpet or area rug is recommended. Steam mop works a bit slower than vacuum and steam cleaner. So, this cleaning process may take a while. But don’t worry, patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

If you want to speed up the cleaning task, you should get steam cleaner for the carpet.

Allow Carpet to Air Dry

Air Dry CarpetSteam cleaning left your carpet wet and it has to be dried before reuse. A wet carpet makes it difficult for you to move around, and it also promotes the growth of mold and mildew.

To avoid this situation, allow the carpet dry, this will also eliminate musty odor and prevent the birth of mildew.

By following some tips, you can dry the carpet faster after cleaning.

  • Create more airflow to the carpet
  • Turn on the ceiling fans
  • Set a dehumidifier in the middle of the room
  • Use a Shop Vac that has strong suction power
  • Ask for a professional Blow-Dry

Once the carpet is dry, put the furniture back on their places.

Benefits of Using Steam Mop for Carpet Cleaning

Here we are listing down some benefits of using steam mop:

  • Provide natural and chemical-free cleaning
  • Remove all types of stubborn and deeply embedded stains from the carpet
  • Kills germs, bacteria, viruses, and their eggs
  • The complete steam mop cleaning process is 100% environmental friendly
  • Easy to use and saves a lot of time
  • Best cleaning solution for pet owners
  • Safe for cleaning all kind of surfaces
  • Steam mopping is good for people suffering from allergies

Our Recommendation for Best Steam Mop for Carpet


Cleaning carpet with stem mop is the most easiest and time saving technique. For best results it is recommended to read the product manual to learn how to run the steam mop. Make sure, the steam mop you are buying has a carpet glider accessory because without it carpet cleaning may become difficult. It is easy to get rid of embedded stains, dirt, germs, and bacteria if you have a good quality steam mop. Following the above mentioned steps you can steam clean carpet yourself.

Does Steam Cleaning Remove Odors?

Does Steam Cleaning Remove Odors of cat and dog urine from carpet or tile floor

Does Steam Cleaning Remove Odors of cat and dog urine from carpet or tile floorWe often find ourselves wrinkling our noses at the pungent stench of smoked cigars and cigarettes or a plethora of odors that are hard to go unnoticed.

Odors vary from pet smells – pet lovers can relate, rotten food, carpet, and couch to mysterious and musty smells. We often find it hard to remove those nasty, unpleasant smells.

Spraying air-fresheners is like hiding the unpleasantness behind nicer smells. It doesn’t actually freshen up the air; instead, it creates an amalgamation of pleasant and bad smells.

We have often heard about using a steam cleaner to remove odors. So, is this a myth or a fact?

Does steam cleaning remove odors? OR is it only for removing stains from grout, grime, and germs? What are your options when you fail to remove a bad smell even after removing the source of it?

Does Steam Cleaning Remove Odors

The answer is:


Steam cleaning efficiently removes nasty and pungent odors from the carpet, area, rugs, and couch.

But before we can go into the root of that, let’s have a look at why foul smells linger around our house.

Why Do Odors Linger?

Odors are tiny molecules of scent volatilized from liquid to gas; these small particles reach our nose. Our nose is the home of olfactory nerves and acts as a gatekeeper, and distinguishes various smells.

The scent molecules even enter into the porous surfaces of upholstery, carpet, and wall. They linger there even for months or years until the porous surfaces are disinfected, and the odor molecules dissipate.

It is why the musty smell comes from carpet or upholstery even after disinfecting the house with chemicals as chemicals can’t reach the crevices and pores of some surfaces.

How Does Steam Cleaning Remove Odors?

Steam Cleaning Remove OdorsSteam cleaning works on the principle of high-temperature steam released from the nozzle of a steam cleaner to kill viruses and disinfect the germs and bacteria.

Apart from cleaning, the steam, being gas, can enter into the porous surfaces and crevices of carpet, upholstery, and clearing the odor molecules that remained there for months.

It also helps neutralize the offending smell of your dog or cat’s pee and gives fresh air to you to breathe in and have a sigh of relief.

Why Is Steam Cleaning Better In Getting Rid of Odors?

Steam cleaning is a chemical-free approach to sanitize, disinfect, and remove foul stench around the house, bathroom, attic, or even hospital odors. Detergents containing chemicals pose health issues to people who are sensitive to allergic reactions. It is also an eco-friendly method as the steam cleaner use nothing more than plain water.

Smells That Steam Cleaner Can Tackle

Musty and Moldy Odors

Musty and Moldy Smell in HouseMusty odors – this term usually reminds us of an old attic or library where these smells prevail. Musty odors in the house are due to high levels of humidity or lack of ventilation.

You often found this odor in your bathroom due to the moisture in the air. It is the hub of mildew and mold and has a strong unpleasant odor that is hard to get rid of.

Fortunately, steam cleaning not only kills bed bugs, mold and mildew but also efficiently kills the odor particles. The high steam can absorb into the porous surfaces and disinfect them better than any chemical spray or detergent.

Dog and Cat Urine SmellPet Odors (Dog and Cat Urine Smell)

Pet lover’s dilemma is to deal with the odors of their furry friends’ accidental spills. If your cat accidentally pees on your carpet, it seeps into the carpet.

Your best bet, in this case, is using a steam cleaner. It destroys odor-causing particles that stay in the air and successfully removes pet urine smell or dog urine odor from your house. And it also sanitizes and deodorizes the air.

How to Remove Kitchen OdorsKitchen Odors

Rotten food, garbage cans, burnt meal or dishwasher smell, let’s face it, we have all experienced funky smells coming from our kitchen. Although we can use detergents to clean the kitchen that would mean using chemicals where we cook our food – which is not a good idea.

Steam cleaners are the safest chemical-free method to ensure that the air and surface both are free from germs and odor particles.

The exceedingly high-temperature steam kills the germs and also clean grease and grime from grills.

Get Rid of Home and Car OdorHome and Car Odors

Poor ventilation is the culprit of general home odors. Your upholstery, carpet, or couches may have that lingering smell that screams of lack of ventilation, poor hygiene.

Moreover, these have tiny pores where odor particles love to exist. Similarly, we experience mysterious odors in our car due to food spillage or fuel and smoke smell.

Steam cleaning not only removes these lingering odors from carpet, couch, or rooms but also refreshes car’s interior giving it a fresh vibe.

Our Recommendation for the Best Steam Cleaner for Odors

Our Recommendation for the Best Steam Cleaner for OdorsThe power of steam is not only limited to sterilize surfaces or cleanse years of grout and grime, but it can also diminish the unseen and unpleasant odors. Our top pick for removing bad odors is Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner; let us tell you why.

It blasts away dirt and kills bacteria with its high-pressured steam. The steam can reach as high as 275 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to disinfect any surface and remove stinking odors.

The musty smell that lingers on and on in the house due to mold and mildew, or staunching pet’s odor – any odor can be removed by Dupray.

It comes with 18 accessories, a tank that holds enough water to last almost an hour of continuous cleaning, microfiber pads. An attachable fragrance disc is a star to add extra fragrance to the house.


Wrapping Up

Steam cleaners are odor busters. It destroys the odor particles lingering in the air in addition to removing the source of those odors. They lift off the dark grout grime and reach underneath the layers of dirt to destroy the source of odors. With the steam’s powerful ability to penetrate the porous surfaces, it gets rid of odor-causing bacteria. Steam isn’t harsh like chemicals; it gently yet powerfully does the cleaning thoroughly and removes odors.

Does Steam Cleaning Kill Viruses?

Does Steam Cleaning Kill Viruses

With people grappling with fears of catching lurking bacteria or the lethal Coronavirus, everyone is wondering whether steam cleaning can kill viruses or not?

Understandably, people have concerns about steam cleaning. They are dubious about using it as a positive alternative solution to get rid of viruses and pathogens and disinfect the house, especially if anyone in your home is already in self-isolation.

While cleaning companies profess that steam cleaning can kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria, the question remains; does steam cleaning kill viruses?

Heat and steam are always known to kill bacteria, germs, and viruses. But in the wake of Corona, the lack of data has confused people. We must be known with effectiveness of steam cleaning.

Dr. Keith Armitage suggests that high temperatures steam can kill the Coronavirus, and the virus cannot survive harsh weather conditions. The Government has also advised steam cleaning to be used on upholstered furniture,  furnishings, and beds where other harsh detergents can’t be used.

Does Steam Cleaning Kill Viruses at Home?

The crucial requirement is the sterilization of objects contaminated with the virus or is suspected to be contaminated. High-temperature steam is already being used in hospitals in autoclaves to sterilize medical equipment under controlled settings.

The extremely high-temperature steam damage the outer layer or exterior and destroys the viruses. But is it effective to use steam cleaning at home to get rid of the fatal Coronavirus?

Researchers are split on steam cleaning being used to kill Coronavirus at home. Some believe home-based steam cleaning solutions aren’t as effective in terms of intensity, pressure, and heat to ensure coronavirus safety. Others claim that it can work along with soap and water as an added protection layer.

It is difficult to attain a similar condition at home to make the virus inactive, but it can still ensure safety from other disease-causing organism. It can act as an added protection in addition to soaps and alcohol-based detergents that CDC has suggested.

Here are some of the Best Steam Cleaners for Home.

Factors That Influence Steam Cleaning

Two important factors can significantly influence the effectiveness of steam cleaning to kill the Coronavirus.

  1. i) Duration
  2. ii) Intensity of steam/heat

Yes, the research has suggested that steam should have a high temperature and high pressure. At least three minutes of constant heat ranging from 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit is needed to ensure the pathway is cleaned from Coronavirus. The less intense the steam is, the more time it may require to kill the virus.

How Does Steam Cleaning Work?

Steam cleaning involves water to be heated at a high temperature, which is then released at high pressure in a particular direction. This steam melts the dust and grime layer on any surface and makes the cleaning easier.

It’s not just the dirt that steam cleaners deal with; the high heat bursts the outer layer of viruses and makes it inactive. Almost all viruses are susceptible to heat, and Coronavirus is no different.

The Coronavirus is an enveloped virus. The outer layer is a thin membrane of the fatty layer, which is vulnerable to soaps, disinfectants, and heat and steam.

The high temperature steam kill bed bugs, bacteria, viruses, dust mites and stop the spread by killing their eggs. As a result, it disinfects floors and other surfaces from all the beasts that can’t be seen.

Why is Steam Cleaning Better?

As opposed to vigorous chemical cleaning, odors, and fumes coming from brute chemicals, steam cleaning is an alternative eco-friendly approach. It can clean almost all types of surfaces like windows, walls, floors, curtains, upholstery, bathrooms where grimes of dirt and viruses are clinging to the surface.

Chemical cleaning also has health hazards and is not suitable for people who are susceptible to allergic reactions; in that case, steam cleaners are the next appropriate option.

Moreover, steam cleaning isn’t only used in homes; it can also reach the grime and dust in the small crevices of your car where other cleaning methods can’t reach. It can also disinfect boats and motorcycles to ensure safety.

The Versatility of Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaners are multi-purpose tools. They go all the way from melting the grime or dust to killing any bacteria or virus beneath the layers of grime, which would be hard to reach otherwise.

Moreover, steam cleaners are effective on bathroom fixtures, counter-tops, hardwood floors, tiles, doorknobs, kitchen sides, and other diverse surfaces. Overall, a great tool to disinfect floors.

It even goes to clean and disinfect where bleach wipes and chemical sprays are not recommended, like bed mattresses, upholstery, and soft furnishings.

Does Steam Cleaner Stop Bed Bugs Infestation?

With the steam cleaner’s power to release steam with lethal temperature, it can effectively kill bed bugs. The steam can go ¾ inches deep into the surfaces and cracks and manage to kill under-the-table bedbugs. Additionally, the exposure to heat ranging from 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit also kills their eggs, which can successfully stop further infestation.

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Our Recommendation for the Best Steam Cleaner for Viruses

In the pandemic crises, where business opportunists are rushing to serve the consumers, and Amazon’s list is filled with thousands of steam cleaners’ suggestions, it is hard to find a reliable solution to kill the virus, bacteria, and germs.

However, Mcculloch heavy duty steam cleaner MC1275 has outshone innumerable ordinary steam cleaners. From bed bugs and carpet moths to the new and novel CoronaVirus, Mcculloch can deal with the toughest germs and deliver remarkable results.

The messier stove tops darkened grout, and small awkward spaces in the bathroom are no match to the Mcculloch’s capability to clean surfaces without harming them. It’s durable, sleek, and has multiple attachments and a large tank reservoir to fill water. We recommend this powerful Mcculloch steam cleaner if you are wary of allergens and harsh chemicals.


While warm water, soap, bleach, and EPA approved disinfectants are front-line warriors against Covid-19, steam cleaners have also joined the fight against the virus. Steam cleaning method has been used for ages to kill pathogens, and its power was unchallenged, but Covid-19 has tested its potential to the fullest. While hospital-grade steam cleaners can effectively disinfect the equipment, you can still use home-based cleaners to add the security layer to disinfect the house from the virus.

How to Use a Steam Cleaner in the Bathroom [Complete Guide]

How to Use a Steam Cleaner in the Bathroom

How to Use a Steam Cleaner in the BathroomBathroom hygiene should not be compromised. If you do not take care of cleanliness in the bathroom, it will give birth to germs, bacteria, and virus that are harmful to all family members.

Apart from the above listed hidden elements, the stains and scum layers on the bathroom tiles give a terrible look. There are also several sanitary items like a faucet, sink, toilet seat, shower, and mirror that require regular maintenance. These are expensive objects, and any negligence or irregularity in their maintenance reduce their life.

To maintain all bathroom items in good condition, you can try steam cleaning. A steam cleaner with its high-pressure steam removes stains, grime, mould, and mildew. Using steam cleaning machine is very easy but still you should learn how to use a steam cleaner in the bathroom.

How to Use a Steam Cleaner in the Bathroom [Complete Guide]

It is simple and great fun to clean a toilet with a steam cleaner. There is no need for any bucket full of water, detergents, mop, or any other cleaning solutions. All you have to do is to get a good quality steam cleaner. To start cleaning, attach the suitable tools with the steamer according to the surface. This unit will do all cleaning tasks in a toilet single-handed.

  1. Assemble the steam cleaner properly
  2. Attach the attachment required for cleaning (nozzle brush is preferred)
  3. Fill the water reservoir of the steam cleaner
  4. Plug-in your steam cleaner and turn it ON
  5. Let the steam cleaner prepare the steam (approximately 8-10 minutes)
  6. Once the steam is ready, just pull the trigger and spray the steam to the dirty area

Before you step down for deep cleaning the washroom, you must know how to use the steam cleaner in different areas. We would explain the steam cleaning of some important parts of the bathroom.

Steam Cleaning Bathroom Floor

Steam Cleaning of Bathroom FloorThe first thing you see when entering the bathroom is the floor. It shows you the entire washroom at a glance.

The bathroom floor is generally made of tiles or marble. One can easily see the grubby grout lines from a distance. It really looks very horrible if the bath tiles or grout are full of grime and dark in colors.

The bathroom floor may also get slippery because of soap scum on it. It could be dangerous for someone who uses a wet toilet.

For the floor, steam mop works perfectly. Choose any good quality steam mop to clean floor, but cleaning grout lines is not possible with it.

That is why a steam cleaner is recommended for cleaning grout and tiles. Here’s how you can use the steam cleaner for cleaning bathroom tiles:

  1. Make the steam cleaner get ready to produce steam.
  2. For cleaning, tiles attach the scrubbing pad, and for grout, brush tool is recommended.
  3. Press the trigger to spray the steam on floor

This process will first lose the stains and then make them vanish like it was not there before.

Steam Clean Sink and Faucet 

Steam Clean Sink and FaucetCleanliness of faucet is mostly neglected as a result of which dirt gets accumulated around it. Cleaning faucet manually is not as easy as it looks.

In this regard, a steam cleaner does a pretty well job and makes cleaning easier. A powerful portable steamer with an appropriate brush attachment is highly recommended to clean sink and faucet. Follow these simple steps to make the objects shine like new:

  1. Attach a scrub brush tool with the steamer
  2. Plug-in the device and start steaming, scrub it with a brush all over the sink surface and around the faucets.
  3. After completing this step, splash clean water on the surface to throw out dirt and muck.
  4. Sponge and clean, the sink and faucet with a microfiber pad.

This procedure will sparkle your sink, remove mildew from sink drain, and get rid of black slime, gunk, and grime from the faucet.

Steam Clean Shower and Bathtub

Steam Cleaning Shower and BathtubA steam cleaner works great on both shower and bathtub. The holes in the shower may be blocked with some impurities with the passage of time.

No worries, when you have steam cleaner at your disposal. The huge variety of accessories, i.e. brushes, angle, grout tool, and other useful kits makes cleaning of shower and bathtub simple.

The most suitable attachment for cleaning bathtub and shower is a bristle brush. Here is how you can steam clean bathtub and shower-head:

  1. Prepare the steam cleaner
  2. To loosen the dirt, attach a nozzle and spray the steam where the dirt is accumulated
  3. Now, attach the brush tool and again run the machine over bathtub and shower

This method works like a charm and removes crusts, mould, mildew, and rust from the shower-head and tub drain.

If the shower doors are made of glass, you can use squeegee attachment, and for steam cleaning grout and tiles, scrub brush tool is recommended.

So, turn on the device, blow out powerful steam, then use nano-fiber cloth to wipe away all the remaining grime from the surface.

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How to Steam Clean Shower Curtains

How to Steam Clean Shower CurtainsIn some toilets, curtains are used to make a partition between shower and rest of the area. As time passes, dirt and grime accumulate on it and ultimately some spots remain on the curtains. You can either wash the curtain or can steam clean it. If you want to steam clean shower curtains follow the steps given below:

  1. Plug-in the steamer and heat-up till it gets ready.
  2. Apply steam over the surface of curtains at a distance of 6 inches.
  3. Rub the curtains with a microfiber pad to remove remaining loose dirt on it.

How to Steam Clean and Sanitize Toilet Bowl

Steam Clean and Sanitize Toilet BowlIt is very important to know how to clean the toilet properly as it requires day to day cleaning and disinfection to get rid of germs and bacteria.

Many manual cleaning methods require time as well as efforts, so it is better to go for an easy solution that is steam cleaning.

Once the steamer is ready to spray the hot steam to clean the desired area of the toilet. This heat will break down dirt, limescale, and kill germs and bacteria.  Follow the below given steps carefully:

  1. Arrange all necessary tools with a steamer.
  2. Attach the angle tool with your steam cleaner as it is the most suitable one for a toilet seat.
  3. Apply steam on the toilet bowl and underneath areas with high heat steam temperature.
  4. If needed, repeat the second step to loosen the stains and rust.
  5. Splash the water on the toilet seat to wash off all the dirt.
  6. Use a microfiber mop pad to wipe off the wet surface or just rub it with a good-quality cloth.

After this, you will get a neat and clean surface without any spots.

Steam Clean Bathroom Mirror

Steam Clean Bathroom MirrorA mirror enhances the beauty of the bathroom. Suppose the mirror is filled with streaks or some residue. In that case, it not only looks bad but also makes it difficult to makeup, trimming or shaving while looking into the mirror.

You may want to know about streaks and how they develop in the mirror. Streaks are the lines that are caused when someone uses a cloth, paper towel, or newspaper to clean the mirror. It sounds like an easy mirror cleaning hack, but it leaves behind white streaks on the bathroom mirror.

Sometimes it looks impossible to remove these lines, but there is no rocket science when you have a steam cleaner. Here is how you can steam clean mirrors in the bathroom:

  1. First, you have to adjust the steam setting at low pressure.
  2. Apply steaming without any attachment.
  3. Clean with a microfiber cloth.

This process will make the mirror shine like a crystal.

Steam Clean Counter Top and ShelveCounter-Top/Shelve

There are numerous numbers of counter-tops materials like marble, granite, concrete, soapstone, laminate and many more. They all need daily deep cleaning to get rid of stains, grease spots, and germs and bacteria’s.

It is not a big deal to clean the counter-tops with a high pressure steam cleaner. Just attach a microfiber pad with your steamer and do it. After completing the steaming process, dry it with any non woven cloth.

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Our Recommendation For The Best Steam Cleaner for Bathroom

Dupray Neat Heavy Duty Steam CleanerAfter a detailed research and reading customer reviews about different steam cleaners, we came to a conclusion that Dupray Neat steam cleaner is the best option for steam cleaning bathroom tiles, sink, faucet, shower, toilet seat etc. Reason for picking this steamer is its ability to produce a very hot pressured steam and a variety of tools that can be used for multiple purposes. If you want to learn more about this unit read our detailed review of Dupray Neat steam cleaner.


There is no need to get any other thing for a bathroom if you own a steam cleaner. Steam cleaning of bathroom and toilet area is so easy and simple with this giant machine.  The high pressurized steam breaks down the hard stains, limescale on the taps and disinfects the surface without the use of toxic agents. This gadget requires your little time and effort and turn your grimy washroom into sparkling one.

What Can You Clean With Steam Cleaner? [Get Your Money Worth]

What Can You Clean With Steam Cleaner? [Get Your Money Worth]

The most common reason that many people love steam cleaner is because of the endless uses of this multifunction device. This method of cleaning is natural and environmental friendly as well.

It can be used for various purposes like cleaning floors, removing stains from carpets, getting rid of grease and grime from kitchen appliances, auto detailing, etc.

Generally, most people use steam cleaners for cleaning and sanitizing tiles and carpet. But this innovative machine has the potency to do more than that.

Steam Cleaner for Tile and GroutSteam Cleaning Tiles and Grout

Steam cleaner work amazing on hard surfaces like tiles, wooden floors and cleaning grout lines. It is a bit tricky to clean the grout without any damage, but with a steam cleaner, you can easily remove dirt, mold, and mildew from the grout without any damage. This natural cleaning process not only clean but sanitize the surface as well.

Steam Cleaner for Kitchen AppliancesSteam Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances need cleaning and disinfection off and on; otherwise, the surface becomes greasy and forms a sticky crust on it. A Steam cleaner that comes with multiple attachments can successfully clean and remove stubborn stains from the kitchen items like oven, stoves, refrigerators, and countertops.

Steam Cleaning BBQ Grills

Steam Cleaner for Bbq GrillsA grubby grill is not suitable for your health. It may cause you some dangerous diseases like cancer and other serious illnesses. The best way to tackle all these hazards is to steam clean the grills after usage. A steam cleaner softens the gluey crust and removes residue on the grill. It ensures you enjoy hygienically safe grilling of food next time.

Steam Cleaning Windows and Mirrors

Steam Cleaner for Windows and MirrorTo keep windows and mirrors streak-free with traditional style, you may require a hell of work. But don’t take stress, you can swiftly clean windows and mirrors easily with a steam cleaner. Just spray a low-level of steam on the mirror and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. To clean window reeling and corners, you may need a squeegee attachment that comes along with most of the steamers.

Steam Cleaning Clothes

How-To-Steam-ClothesDry cleaning of clothes costs a lot of money, and you can save hundreds of dollars by spending a few bucks on buying the best handheld steam cleaner for clothes. Using steamers, you can make your clothes wrinkle-free and give them a fresh look. You can use the same steamer for cleaning curtains and other fabrics.

Steam Cleaning Couch and Sofa

Steaming is quite useful to eliminate germs, bacteria, stubborn stains, and dirt that turns even the new furniture into dull-looking stuff. To get the best results, you should get a best steam cleaner for the couch and upholstery. If your sofa is made of leather, velvet, or other mild fabric. In that case, you must follow the precautionary measures before applying steam.

Steam Cleaning Furniture and Mattress

Furniture and mattress take a lot of time to dry when you clean them following traditional cleaning methods. Besides its high-pressure steam helps you to eradicate bed bugs and dust bites. Thanks to a steam cleaner that applies triple-action formula, i.e., cleaning, sanitizing, drying, and makes the furniture or mattress ready to use instantly.

Steam Cleaner for Car InteriorsSteam Cleaning Car Interiors

Cleaning car interiors is a tough job, and if you follow the traditional cleaning method, you won’t get the desired results. If you want to achieve something special, give a shot to the steam cleaner. You can use a steam cleaner for auto detailing and cleaning car seat upholstery. One time usage will clean your car perfectly and let you achieve dream results.

Cleaning Taps and Faucets

Steam Cleaner for Taps and FaucetsTaps and faucets, in kitchen and bathroom often catch mold, mildew, or rust and its cleansing is not easy. Steam cleaner comes with a nozzle attach which spray a blast of high pressure steam. This blast of steam lift away all type of dirt from taps and faucets, and make it look like new.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

  • It applies triple-action formula; cleaning, disinfection, and drying.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning method
  • Suitable for multiple types of surfaces
  • Safe for allergens
  • Blast away dirt, stubborn stains, and pet odors

Things Not to Clean with Steam Cleaner

Things that can be damaged due to heat exposure should not be cleaned with a steam cleaner. Here we are quickly listing a few items:

  • Laptop
  • TV
  • Gaming consoles
  • Plastic items
  • Laminate floor
  • Water paint

Why Steam Cleaner is the Best Cleaning Option

The secret behind steam cleaner powerful cleaning performance is the high pressurized steam. Its blast of high-pressure steam easily blows away stubborn stains, grease, and grime. These are difficult to remove using a scrubbing brush and consumes a lot of time and energy.

On the other hand, the steam cleaner does the job in a very quick time without making you tired. Additionally, the tools you get with steam cleaner let you reach every nook and corner of the house and make it spotless.

Another big advantage of using a steam cleaner at home is that it doesn’t require cleaning chemicals. Just pour the tap or distilled water into the steam cleaner’s tank and get the magical cleaning performance.


To sum up, steaming is the safest and efficient cleaning method that gets you the desired results. Globally, it becomes more popular due to its sheer performance and multi-tasking functions. Depending on the type of surface and stuff, you may need to change the attachment and steam flow quantity. In this way, it gives better effects.

How Effective Is Steam Cleaning Against Tough Stains & Germs?

How Effective Is Steam Cleaning - Where to Use Steam Cleaner at Home

Generally, steaming is a simple and one-step cleaning but an effective method of all. It doesn’t require expensive detergents and fighting with mop and bucket.

To know about how much steam is efficient in cleaning or harmful in another aspect, first, we have to know its making process. Actually, steam is water, but in the water-vapor form. Boiling of water at particularly high heat temperature makes powerful and effective steam.

Usually, the manufacturer always claims their product most useful and up to the mark. But if you want to understand the actual status of any specific product, you should also consider user reviews as well. It is the end-user who can show you the actual picture of any item.

How Effective Is Steam Cleaning? Let’s Find Out


The best thing about the steam cleaner is the versatility that takes this device to the next level. This single unit can be used for multiple cleaning purpose.

Initially, usage of steam cleaners was limited to cleaning wooden surfaces but the latest steam cleaning machines are powered with innovative and powerful features.

Now you can clean all types of hard floors (hardwood, laminate, marble, tiles). With the combination of several useful attachments, best steam cleaner gives outstanding performance in cleaning carpets, bathroom, mirrors, kitchen appliances, auto, etc.

It is considered as the best replacement for vacuum cleaners and shampooers, as you get both these functions and more in a single machine. Overall, this is an all-in-1 device and let you achieve desired cleaning results.


Steam Cleaner Kills 99% of GermsThe main thing is the cleaning performance that actually matters. With high temperature steam, steam cleaner makes it possible to give superior cleaning performance.

Among all other cleaning techniques, steaming is considered one of the most effective one. It kills germs and remove the most stubborn stains and dirt from any surface.

Steam cleaner efficiently kill bed bugs, dust mites, and prevents mold growth from recurring. It also deodorizes the odor-causing bacteria on cushions, pillows, curtains, stuffed animals, etc.

Chemical Free Cleaning

Steaming is the only method of cleaning that has the least side effects. It only uses tap or distilled water to produce high heat steam, which is free of any artificial substances. The chemicals could be extremely dangerous for any sensitive or mild surface and your skin as well. Sometimes these chemicals cause long-lasting damage to floors and fabric.

Easy Maintenance

With all the great benefits, one must think about the maintenance of this machine. No need to worry about this. Maintaining a steam cleaner is not a big deal, it is quite easy to clean and empty the water tank of the steamer. It also depends on steam cleaner, because some models come with re-usable filters and washable pads.

Save Cost of Detergents

With the steam cleaner, you can save the cost of detergents every month, as it only uses normal water to clean any kind of surface or equipment.  This shows the value for money because every penny counts.

Environmentally Friendly

Steaming is purely a natural process that doesn’t use any harmful material. It makes the atmosphere safe for all. So globally, steaming is the approved and safest technique for cleaning. It controls the dust particles and never lets to blow out, thus it is safe for allergens and asthma patients.

What NOT to Clean with Steam Cleaners

A versatile device like a steam cleaner is still not perfect for some surfaces and objects. Even it should not be used on those surfaces that are heat and moisture sensitive.

Avoid cleaning electric devices like TV, computer, gaming console, and laptops with steaming machine. Steam cleaner produces hot steam that can damage some mild stuff like silk, wool, and plastic. Other than that, steaming should not be applied on laminate floor, leather, painting, wall, cardboard, etc.

To buy anything, the price is one of the key features to decide whether to buy it or not. Obviously, steam cleaners are more expensive than traditional cleaners, even an average steamer is a bit costly than other cleaning equipment available in the market.

Where to Use Steam Cleaner at Home

Steam cleaner is one of the best cleaning device that can fulfill all your home cleaning needs. It emits high-pressure steam which kill bed bugs  and remove stubborn stains from a variety of surfaces. Here we are listing some of the most common uses of steam cleaner at home:

  • Cleaning BBQ grills and stove top
  • Chemical free cleaning of oven and other kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning and disinfecting kitchen countertops
  • Removing stains from tiles and grout
  • For cleaning carpet and hardwood floors
  • Cleaning dishwasher, ice and water dispenser
  • Steam cleaning and sanitizing sink faucets
  • Cleaning doors, windows, and mirrors
  • Steam cleaning bathroom countertops, shower and toilet
  • Makes wallpaper removal easy
  • Killing germs, bacteria, and bed bugs

Using Steam Cleaner at Hospital

Steam Cleaning at hospitalThe most challenging place is hospital to judge the effectiveness of steam cleaning. To protect their patients, medical and cleaning staff, it’s mandatory to sanitize hospitals on daily basis.

 According to different research about hospitals, we come to know that steam cleaning is a successful method to kill 99% of germs and bacteria, and pathogens. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is best suited for medical centers, veterinarian clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and other health care centers.

Final Verdict

Steam cleaners are becoming more popular due to its effective cleaning techniques. Although it is a costly product comparatively, still it justifies its worth with the power pack performance and ability to perform multipurpose action. Most importantly, before purchasing any steam machine, it is necessary to make sure whether it can fulfil your needs or not. For this you have to go through all the specifications and features, after that, you may be able to make a decision. The final verdict is quite favorable for the steam cleaning system and yes, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of steaming. It is really a helpful device.

How to Clean Grout Lines in Shower [100% Working Method]

How to Clean Grout Lines in Shower & Bathroom

For all of us, the main area of concern in the bathroom and shower is dirty grout lines. You may find it impossible to clean grout; hence, you live with it. However, there are some remarkable and easy ways to clean grout lines in the shower and toilet.

On the other hand, the key to having a clean bathroom is consistency and appropriate tools. People usually go for harsh chlorine-based cleaning agents that are very harmful to health.

Use of soft dirt, eliminating agents to clean dark grout in the shower is the best way. If you are concerned about how to clean grout lines in the shower, then keep on reading.

If you want a quick solution try one of the best handheld steam cleaners for grout lines.

How to Clean Grout Lines in Shower

Below we have posted different methods for cleaning grout lines in shower. You will find methods that requires zero investment and a solution that can fulfill all your home cleaning needs.

Mild Chemicals for Cleaning Grout Lines

The quick and easy solution to clean floor grout without scrubbing is using mild chemicals.

Most people think that using chlorine-based chemicals will do the trick for them. However, there are lots of other mild cleaning agents that do the job for you. The safest solution for cleaning grout is using indoor-cleaning agents that are also eco-friendly.

You can also mix an equal proportion of hydrogen peroxide and oxygenated bleach to get significant results. Apply the smooth paste on the target area and leave it there for at least 15-minutes.

After 15-minutes, take a small toothbrush and start scrubbing the grout. You should use strong hand movement and start cleaning the stain generously.

Lastly, use water to rinse the grout in the shower area. You will notice a significant difference by doing this once. It is excellent if you use this mixture regularly to get rid of stains.

Natural Ingredients for Cleaning Grout

What’s better than a way to get rid of grout stains using natural ingredients found in your kitchen?

You can easily remove stains from tiles and grout by using vinegar and baking soda. Vinegar is mildly acidic, which helps in gently removing the dirt from any surface.

For more remarkable results, mix baking soda and vinegar to fight against dirt and bacteria. The baking soda and vinegar remedy are super useful for cleaning stoves and tiles as well.

To clean grout lines in the shower, take a plastic bowl and mix equal parts of vinegar and baking soda.

Apply the mixture to the targeted area and leave it there for half an hour.

After the mixture dries, take a small brush (toothbrush) and a bowl of warm water.

Dip the brush in water and start scrubbing the area in a circular motion, where you applied the mixture.

You will notice all stains coming off in just one go. If you are having a hard time cleaning grout mold, you can use this remedy.

Oxygen Bleach for Cleaning Tiles

We all have seen our mothers using oxygen bleach at some points in our lives. The oxygen bleach is readily available in the market. It does wonder to lift off stubborn stains from any surface.

The most famous oxygen bleach available in the market is known as OxiClean.

There are other brands also available that you can try out for yourself. When you are using such bleaching agents, make sure you open all the windows and allow the air to pass. If you are sensitive to such things, it is not recommended to use it yourself.

Using Steam Cleaner to Clean Grout Lines

using steam cleaner to clean shower and bathroom tilesSteam cleaners are a lifesaver when it comes to grout cleaning. There are plenty of best steam cleaners for cleaning grout lines that produce hot pressurized steam, easily removing the stains.

The nylon or brass bristles of the brush are great in scrubbing and supply consistent steam. The brush attachment of steam cleaner works best on tiles, grout lines, and walls as well.

One of the most interesting facts about using a steam cleaner is that all the cleaning process is 100% natural and doesn’t require any harsh chemical.

You must be thinking why to invest 150-200 dollars for just cleaning tiles. The steam cleaner usage is not limited to tiles and grouts. It can be used to remove grease and grime from kitchen appliances and clean the car interior.

You can scrub and steam at the same time, which shows more effective steam cleaning results. It is a one-time investment and worth every single penny.

Using Tile Cleaner for Cleaning Tiles & Grout

The technology is progressing fast, and brands are coming up with genius cleaning agents.

There are various tile cleaners available in the market that work like magic to clean the tile and eliminate bacteria. However, you may have noticed that these tile cleaners do not do a fantastic job cleaning grout lines.

The great hack to try is to leave your tile cleaner and let it sit on the tiles for a while. You can take a small brush or toothbrush and scrub the grout line well. You will notice that your tile cleaner shows even better results after using this method.

You can also use a little bit of detergent on a small brush and scrub the grout mold occasionally. After using detergent, use a regular tile cleaner to clean your tiles—the key to having a clean bathroom being consistent with your cleaning regimen.


It is tough to figure out how to clean grout lines in the shower, especially if they have stubborn stains. However, there are a couple of ways that work effectively to show better cleaning results. If you want to save money, then natural remedies will work best for you. On the other hand, steam cleaners are best for cleaning and getting quick results. Overall, it depends on the time and money you are willing to spend on cleaning grout lines. Lastly, it is best to maintain your shower space from the beginning to make cleaning it easier for you later on.