How to Clean a Heavily Soiled Microfiber Couch [Step by Step]

How to Clean a Heavily Soiled Microfiber Couch

How to Clean a Heavily Soiled Microfiber CouchA couch is probably the most used piece in our home. A couch is also the storage space for nasty things that seep into the openings of the couch. It is important to choose a couch manufactured with good quality material in order to ensure durability. Microfiber couches are trending these days as they feel soft on the skin and provide ample support. However, no one likes a stained couch and debris all over it. We will tell you all the smart hacks to save your couch and make it look brand new with little to no effort.

Ways to Clean a Heavily Soiled Microfiber Couch or Sofa

We all have particular household members, such as children or pets, making our couch reach its death stage sooner. However, regular maintenance and cleaning can save your couch and make it look like you bought it a few days ago.

DIY Methods for Cleaning Heavily Soiled Microfiber Couch

Most of us do not own professional tools for couch cleaning. However, you can spruce up your couch by cleaning it manually also. You must begin by removing all the toys, books, pillows, and throws from the couch.

Analyze your couch’s condition and see what cleaning detergent will work best for your couch. Mostly, couches some with a code that indicates the type of cleaner you should use. It is safe to use a solvent-based couch cleaner in case there is no code.

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Method 1:

You can also take the rubbing alcohol and apply it to the areas that have the most stain. Leave the rubbing alcohol on the couch for at least 10 to 15 minutes. You can take a soft towel or a microfiber cloth to wipe down the rubbing alcohol. All the stain will come off quickly, and the stubborn stains will come off after cleaning twice more.

Method 2:

You can also take a spatula or a sharp object to scrape hard stains. Do not rub too hard as it can damage the surface of the couch. After rubbing the stains, take a damp towel or a rag to thoroughly clean the couch’s surface.

Method 3:

It is convenient to analyze the couch’s surface and use a mild soap to remove dirt stains. Mix any mild soap with water and take a soft sponge to clean the couch deeply. After cleaning, dab off the excess water and let the couch dry for a day or two.

After your couch dries, you may feel that the material appears stiff. In case you feel stiffness, take a soft bristle brush and start brushing the couch. Do not be extremely hard when doing this process.

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Cleaning with a Vacuum/ Steam Cleaner

There are a variety of technologies that people are using to get more professional cleaning results. You can use your regular vacuum cleaner with a hose to get rid of dust and debris. A vacuum is more precise when it comes to getting rid of the dust. However, you cannot remove stains when using a regular vacuum.

If you want to clean your couch with a steam cleaner, it can prove to be the best option. You can use the regular hose and attach it to the cleaner to get rid of all the dust.

You have to clean the sides and the bottom of the couch with the hose. To deeply clean the couch, take the steam cleaner solution and mix it with equal parts of water or as defined on the detergent box. Open the lid of the unit and add the detergent to it.

You can switch the cleaning mode to the upholster and change the hose with a mild brush. It is crucial to keep a lighter hand when cleaning the couch. Do not go overboard with cleaning as you may damage the couch. It is essential to focus on badly stained areas more and make sure you go over the brush with stubborn regions multiple times.

After you are done cleaning, take a rag or soft cloth and damp it with warm water. It is essential to clean the couch with the rag thoroughly to avoid the couch to look crunchy when it dries. You can fluff up the pillows by filling couch cushions with poly-fil.

If you want to make your couch softer, you can take a brush with a soft bristle and go over the sofa. The stiffness will subside, and the couch will appear fluffier and bouncier.

Using steam cleaning technique will not only provide a fresh look to your couch but its steam will also kill bed bugs and other bacteria hiding in the couch.

How to Avoid Stains from Going Deeper

Wipe stains right away

When you notice a stain on the couch, use rubbing alcohol to wipe it right away, sometimes, damp cloth and a little bit of soap can also do the trick.

Lint roller

If you have a pet, then your couch must be full of cat or dog fur. You can use a vacuum to clean hair, but a lint roller is a quick and easy way of getting rid of fur. Keep a lint roller at hand and clean the fur right away.

Best Cleaning Method for a Microfiber Couch

A steam cleaner will prove to be your best friend if you are looking to revive a filthy couch. It has automated technologies that help take off deeper stains and make your couch look brand new. A best steam cleaner for area rugs and sofa paired with cleaning detergent can work wonders.

There are many settings and brush heads that you can use to lift off dirt and stain from a couch. A steam cleaner is a one-time investment, and you can also use it for cleaning other surfaces of the house. Also, it is best for eliminating germs and allergens from a surface, making it bacteria-free.

There is no need for you to buy a new couch when you can clean a heavily soiled couch cost-effectively. However, it is best if you do not let your couch remain dirty for longer. You can use effective ways to keep your couch looking new. You can also use a steam cleaner from time to time for significant results.

How to Steam Clean a Microfiber Couch & Sofa [BEST GUIDE]

How to Steam Clean MicroFiber Couch -

How to Steam Clean MicroFiber Couch - Bestbuysteamcleaners.comFurniture adds life to any living space and makes it functional yet beautiful. A couch is a part of furniture that we use the most to rest, sit, or sleep. There are many types of couches available in the market, but a microfiber couch is on the hotline.

People prefer minimalistic design couches that can resist stains. Most furniture sellers categorize microfiber as an upholstery type of furniture, and most state that it is entirely stained resistant. However, people with pets and kids in their houses would not agree to the stain-resistant part. While microfiber is mostly stain-resistant, it clearly shows drool marks and spill stains.

It is easy to find a cleaning solution for a microfiber couch as most couches come with a cleaning code. You can also clean the couch with portable steam cleaners for fast and easy stain removal. Each microfiber couch has a different cleaning code as some require water-based cleaner (w), some solvent base (S), and some can work well with both (S/W).

However, you exclusively need a vacuum or steam cleaner (X) to clean some microfiber couches. You can easily find the best steam cleaner for couch at a smart price. Let’s have a look at how you can clean a microfiber couch with a steam cleaner.

Our Recommendation: Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is one of the best steam cleaning machine for cleaning and removing stains from couch and sofa.

You must check out these 10 best steam cleaner for couch and sofa.

How to Steam Clean a Microfiber Couch & Sofa – Step by Step Guide

You can select a steam cleaner of your choice that you find works best for your couch. In this regard, choosing the best handheld steam cleaner at an affordable price is a great option to go for. You can clean the sofa in a few simple steps mentioned as follows:

1. Remove the Items from the Couch

We all keep decorative pillows and cushions on our couch. You have to make sure that you remove all the cushions, throws, and toys from the couch. There are always things that get stuck in the openings or side of the couch. You have to ensure that there are no materials present on the surface or side of the side.

2. Remove Dust

You should start by attaching the vacuum hose to the cleaner and start removing the dust from the surface of the couch. If your couch has detachable base cushions, make sure you lift them and clean all the dust resting at the couch’s base. You can also vacuum the floor under the couch to ensure all debris is removed.

3. Removing Stains from Couch

You have to see the cleaning code on your couch and use a stain remover according to it. If your couch has a water-soluble code on it, use a water-based or solvent cleaner to remove the stain. You have to keep the stain remover of at least 40 seconds to a minute.

You can take either a soft bristle brush or microfiber cloth to remove the stains. The microfiber cloth or brush must be gentle and use the lightest pressure to scrub away the stains.

4. Mix Steam Cleaning Solution

To clean the couch in-depth, mix the steam cleaning solution with hot water. You must check the water to steam cleaning solution ratio on the cleaning solution box’s back.

5. Get the Steamer Ready

You have to pour the cleaning solution and water mixture into the steam cleaner tank. It is essential to remove the hose attachment and attach the brush head for soft cleaning. Please turn on the steam cleaner and wait for it to warm up. Do not forget to switch the mode to the upholstery mode for gentle yet thorough cleaning.

6. Dab-Off Excess Water

If your couch is wet, make sure to run the steam cleaner with a hose setting on the couch. You can also use a dry microfiber cloth to dab off the excess water. Keep the couch in a clean and dry place. It is best if you keep the couch under the fan to make it dry faster.

7. Revive the Fluff

We all love a fluffy couch, but cleaning can make the material of the couch a little stiff. However, you can quickly revive the fluff of the couch in a few simple steps. You can use a soft bristle brush and gently run it across the couch.

This technique can also be used for cleaning heavily soiled microfiber couch.

How to Keep Stains Away From a Microfiber Couch

A microfiber couch is an excellent choice if you want something easy to maintain and does not give you a hassle while cleaning. However, if you have a pet or a small kid, it will be impossible to avoid stains. Here are some ways you can use to keep stains away from the couch:

Fiber Protector Spray

Fiber protector spray is readily available in the local market. You can use a spray-on fiber protector to seal the couch fibers. The spray adds luster to the couch and protects the fibers from soaking in the stain deeply. You can specifically use fiber protector spray after cleaning the couch. Do not use this spray while the couch is wet or damp.

Get the best fiber protector spray from HERE.

Use a Fine Tooth Comb

You may have noticed that some stain forms a layer when they dry. To remove these stains, you can use a fine-tooth comb and scratch the stain off. The fine-tooth comb also works well if you want to revive the fluff. You can gently brush the couch to make it softer and get rid of dust.

Clean Stains Instantly

If you notice a stain on the couch, use a water-based or solvent cleaner instantly. You can use a microfiber cloth and soak cleaner in it. Use the microfiber cloth and gently remove all the stains. Do not let the stains go deeper into the couch as it will be harder to remove them.


Couches add dimension to a living room and is a great furniture piece to relax. Some couches are hard to maintain, but a microfiber couch can save you from the despair of paying $100 for cleaning service. You can use the above shared tips to maintain the shape, color, and luster of the couch for years. You have to be a little more careful if you have a light-colored couch and pets or kids around.

Steam Cleaner VS Steam Mop – Detailed Comparison

Steam Cleaner Vs Steam Mop Detailed Comparison

Steam Cleaner Vs Steam Mop Detailed ComparisonFor a full fledge sanitization of your house, steaming machines are usually the best option. But, amongst so many types of steaming equipment available, it becomes difficult to choose whether you should go for a steam cleaner, a steam mop, or another handheld manual device. Considering the era of advancements, and the human behavior to opt for the most automated machines’ I think almost everyone of you would like to consider getting a machine that could clean up your house only by the click of a button. Right?

Today in this blog post, I have crafted a comparison between the steam cleaner vs steam mop. Though both of these have numerous similarities in between, but there also exists considerable differences in the versatility, operation, price ranges and portability. So, without any further ado’ let us quickly get onto the main context!

Quick Comparison Table: Steam Cleaner VS Steam mop

FEATURES Steam Cleaner Steam Mop
Tank size Bigger Relatively smaller
Storage Requires a lot of space Easy to store
Accessories Plenty of accessories Few or no accessories
Versatility Highly Versatile Can efficiently perform few functions only
Durability More Durable Can last for a couple of years
Portability Heavier Relatively lighter
BEST KNOWN FOR Cleaning grout and grim even from the furniture corners Performing routine cleaning of floors

Still can not decide which one out of these both would work great for you? No worries! The explicit description below would clear all your doubts! Get onto it.

A Steam Cleaner VS A Steam Mop: Which One To Go For?

No matter if it is a steam cleaner or a steam mop, all these machines have been designed for the sole purpose of cleaning and disinfecting house efficiently as well as quickly. In order to choose the one best for your needs, you have to keep in mind your purpose of use of the product. If you are more inclined towards performing a daily cleanup of your house, a steam cleaner might not be your best choice. Considering these facts and figures, let us take a deep look at this matter of concern.

Steam Cleaner Easy To Carry1. Ease of Use

A steam mop is relatively lighter and easy to carry around for cleaning and wiping off the floor. But keep in mind that, lighter machines tend to perform a mild cleanup, as compared to heavy ones which are used for deep cleansing. If you are concerned about the handling issue, you should stick to a steam mop. On the contrary, if efficient and extensive cleaning is your prime priority’ you must invest in a good steam cleaner.

Best Steam Mop For Laminate FloorsAnother basic difference between a steam mop and a steam cleaner, when talking about the ease of usage is their mobility and storage. You can easily store and carry around a steam mop, whereas storing and transporting a steam cleaner might be a bit troubling. So, keep in mind your purpose of use so that you do not end up creating difficulties for yourself.

2. Versatility of function

Multi Functional Steam Cleaner For Carpet, Upholstery, Cars And MirrorSteam cleaner is an attractive choice to go for if you want to operate the machine for cleaning every little particle of mud and grim from all around your house. A well operating steam cleaner would not only clean up your flooring’s but would also let you remove minute dust and scrim from the furniture corners. There is literally no match for a steam cleaner’s versatility, since it has the capability to perform almost every cleaning purpose that you would demand.

Taking a deeper look at a steam mop’s specification’ I realized that you must perform a quick cleanup of your floor to remove the loose dirt before planning to use a steam mop. This means, that steam mop alone does not has the ability to clean up your house flooring properly unless you have already vacuumed the floor.

3. Tank Capacity

Steam Fast Steam Cleaner for Bed BugsThe water carrying capacity for steam cleaner varies from brand to brand, however, usually lies in between the figure of 48-54 ounces. This means that you can use the cleaner to perform a good cleansing session of the entire house and would not have to do a refill often times.

Talking about the steam mop, it works all fine when arises the need to clean a bathroom or a kitchen floor. However, you would definitely require refilling it more frequently when you plan on cleaning the larger areas such a car portion or the house balcony. If refilling the tank again and again is not an issue for you, go for the steam mop since its going to be super handy in everyday cleaning!

Also, if you are searching for a good machine to give a deep wash to your car at home, look up for the best steam cleaner for car cleaning purposes. A mop would not do the job efficiently!

4. Attachments/Accessories

Steam Cleaner Attachment And AccessoriesA dozen of attachments are packaged inside steam cleaners to be used for various functions. Since best steam cleaners for home have the ability to clean the tough and rough corners of your apartment as well as kitchen equipment and furniture. Moreover efficiently remove stubborn stains and spots from tile and grout. So that’s why you get a couple of scrubs and pads along with the machine. These attachments are mostly of low quality and you may have to replace them often times.

Steam mops usually do not come up with a plenty of accessories. You would have to purchase extra pads sometimes so that you can quickly switch from one to the other, whenever you feel like the cleaning bristles have got dirtier enough.  Look for the steam mops that offer these padding accessories along with the package, but if you can not find any such product’ do not forget to purchase some for feasibility.

5. Affordability

Steam cleaners are generally more costly when its about the price ranges of different steaming machines. It still depends upon the brands, as high ends ones are going to be more costly than the others. Steam mops on the other hand, are only a little pricier than the manual cleaning mops and totally do justification to their prices.

If you are currently low on the budget, I would suggest you to trade-off in an efficient steam mop rather than a low-quality steam cleaner. Because obviously, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

FOR THE READER: Do you know what is so special about steam cleaners and their high prices? You can utilize a steam cleaner for killing bed bugs effectively and remove infections from your carpets and rugs by 99.99%! Amazing, no?

For this purpose our top pick product Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is extremely useful.


  • What is the best steam cleaner?

There is a diverse collection of steam cleaning machines. To decide which one is the best must look for its flawless features.  The best steam cleaner is the one that sanitizes and disinfects the entire nook and corners of the house with the ability to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria by using simple tap water.

  • What can steam cleaners be used for?

Steam Cleaner is a multi-functional and user-friendly device. Remove stubborn stains and spots from the floors, carpets, area rugs furniture and tiles. Sanitizes and kills 99.9% of germs without any toxic agents. Moreover, blast away bed bugs hidden in the fabric, furniture, cracks, and crevices.

  • Are steam cleaners worth it?

Yes, steam cleaner worth every single penny spent by the owner. Steam cleaner save’s time and effort put in by the user in cleaning surfaces in and around the house. It assists the user to clean and disinfect every square inch in minutes.

  • Does steam really sanitize?

The steam cleaner machines heat-up the water up to the temperature between 150° to 300° Fahrenheit. This hot vapor steam that comes out of the steamer is sufficient to kill microbes, germs plus clean and purify the area as new.

  • What is the best steam mop to buy?

In the competitive market of steam mops, it’s hard to decide which one is the best steam mop for our house. In accordance with my profound research, Bissell power fresh steam mop and Shark genius (S5003D) is the best mop to remove dirt and germs from the floors.

  • Is steaming floors better than mopping?

A steam mop is an upgrade version of traditional mopping. Regular mopping doesn’t allow you to get rid of dangerous germs and bacteria. While on the other hand, steam mop removes dirt and can have bacteria free surfaces without the use of toxic agents.

  • What can you put in a steam mop?

Avoid adding any chemical or cleaning solution in the steam mop. It is designed to purify floors by steam. Always add simple tap or distilled water that is enough to remove stains, dust, and kill germs. Don’t forget to read the manual before using it to get perfect results.

Final Words

One thing you must keep in a good note is that there exist a good variety in steam cleaners, such as the cylinder type and the vapor one. You can select one according to your purpose of use. While in steam mops, the variation option is restricted. So, if you are looking for a good affordable steam cleaning machine for average house cleanup, definitely invest in an excellent quality steam mop. Otherwise, steam cleaners can certainly be called as the number one multi functioning and deep cleansing steaming machines! Rest is your choice, decide according to your needs and demands. Good luck!

Does Steam Cleaner Kill Bed Bugs? [How To Do It]

Does Steam Cleaner Kill Bed Bugs

Does Steam Cleaner Kill Bed BugsBed bugs are uninvited guests, and once they enter the premises, it’s tough to get rid of them. Another thing to worry about these bugs is their reproductive system; they multiply very fast and become young adults in 3-4 weeks.

They are also named a great hitchhiker because they love to take long rides through your luggage, clothes, and other personal belongings. Dirt bugs can be found anywhere, so beware if you travel by local bus or train service. Might be you’re the next to carry bugs along with you!

History narrates that bed bugs exist in human life from about 3500 years. Cimicidae (bed bugs) belong to the family of small parasitic insects. Female bugs get pregnant through traumatic insemination, which is the mating process. Female bugs can lay hundreds of eggs in half a year, and 50% of the bugs are female.

However, the mating call can be harmful to a female bug if it happens repeatedly and may reduce their life expectancy.

Bed Bug Feeding CycleAdult bed bugs are ⅜ in size, and these apple seeds, like parasites, love to suck humans and warm-blooded hosts (cat, dogs, and birds). They are also called human pests because human blood is the primary meal source for the bug to grow stage to stage.

Usually, they are brown, but once they contact their prey, they change their color to red by the continuous suction of blood for about 5-10 mins. Bed bug bites at night, just because they are super-active at night hours, probably their feed won’t be disconnected at night.

Due to their low metabolic system, these kissing bugs can live for a year without having a meal.

Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites

The good part is these parasites do not transmit any disease. So the question arises: what are the signs of bed bug bites?

Signs And Symptoms Of Bed BugsThe weird thing is, many people do not get any reaction on their skin. Bed bug bites are painless, so you might not even notice if you are bitten.

In contrast, people who have sensitive skin suddenly observe rash lines on the body. Moreover, older people and kids are always at high risk. There some primary symptoms which include:

Furthermore, itching, feeling of burning skin, and swollen red bumps on the skin.

Does Steam Cleaner Kill Bed Bugs?

Now, you must be thinking about how to kill bed bugs?

To get rid of this nasty problem, people may suggest many remedies that may or may not be effective. But as per my experience best solution for getting rid of these little beasts is to use the best steam cleaners for bed bugs and dust mites.

Many of you must be curious to know that Does steam cleaner kill bed bugs?

The answer is YES!

Steam cleaner effectively removes bed bugs from mattresses, box springs, folded areas, upholstery, picture frames, and in furniture crevices.

Which is the best steam cleaner to kill bed bugs?

Dupray Neat Steam cleaner is one of the best bed bug steamer that effectively eradicate bugs. Besides steam cleaning machine usage is not just limited to killing bed bugs, in fact, it is a multi-purpose device. You can use a steam cleaner for cleaning cars, carpet, upholstery, tile floors and much more.

How to Use Steam Cleaner to Kill Bed Bugs

  • Bed Bugs Trap In Hotel RoomThe first and foremost thing is, look for the best steamer to perform this task. To eliminate bugs, it is highly recommended to use a steam cleaner that throws super-hot steam.
  • Secondly, locate the places where the bed bugs can hide. You can trap them by placing a trap in different corners of the house (under the bed, on the mattress, in the closet, chairs, sofas, or anything made of fabric).

OR you can also train dogs to help you by smelling the odor of bed bug eggs. So then you can quickly see those little nymphs.

  • Before starting the Heat Treatment, you must know how to operate the steam cleaner. So read the user manual carefully.
  • Take out your mattress or infested thing which you want to steam.
  • Now unbox the steamer and fill the water tank below the maxi level.
  • Don’t forget to wear plastic gloves.
  • Attach the nozzle or required accessory and plug it in.
  • Move the steamer slowly in the back and forth position throughout the mattress or targeted area for 10-15 mins continuously. Don’t forget to steam the bed frame and its legs area.
  • At the end of the process, unplug the steamer. And keep in mind, don’t open it immediately after the process completion. This may burn you.
  • Turn on the fans, open all the windows, and allow the room to air out.

While traveling, doesn’t forget to check if there are bed bugs in the hotel room by placing the simple pest trap. Returning home, unpack your bags outside the house and immediately wash your clothes. And don’t forget to sanitize your suitcase before packing to have a peaceful sleep.

Final Words

Usage of steam cleaning devices is not just restricted to kill bed bugs, dust mites or molds. You can also sanitize and purify carpets, floors, upholstery, tiles, grout, cars and many more. Steam cleaner is a perfect tool for whole house cleaning. Moreover, no need to spend big bucks for buying different detergents and chemicals to deodorize surfaces. You can choose one according to your requirement and pocket. Steam cleaner just need simple tap water to fill in the tank and its ready to go.