How to Remove Pet Hair from Clothes, Car, Carpet, Couch & More

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Living with pets is great fun, they play with, stay in our living room, and go outside with us. When we are at home, they keep us busy all day and don’t let us get bored. We all know that these are loyal animals and friendly in nature. That’s why we love them so much, but one thing that nobody will like about these innocent creatures is the shedding of their hair everywhere.

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair Everywhere

It becomes worst when you find hair attached to your clothes, furniture, your car and everywhere. It is very annoying to remove small and sticky hair from fabric. It doesn’t look nice, but more importantly, that could be a life hazard for human health.

Imagine, if you are having lunch, with the same clothes that contain hair, it is possible that hair falls into the plate and you may take it along with your meal. Now think about what will happen to your digestive system. Since hairballs are not digestible or can’t go through the human gastrointestinal system. Even vomiting would not be the effective solution to bring out hair mass.

Since shedding of hair is a natural process, so how you can avoid such a situation.

There are two ways to cope with this problem, one is to keep these animals out of the home and the second is to remove that numerous hair from your surroundings.

The first option would be a bit difficult for pet lovers because they would never want to keep their four-legged friends away from themselves.

Dogs and cats are the most common pets at home. Both are adorable and loyal animals. So if we ever try to keep them outside the home, our children will never let it do. The second option is also not so easy but there are several ways to accomplish it.

Removing dog/cat hair can be a nightmare for pet owners. Because some fibers catch them easily and they badly stuck in between these fibers. If the color of the fabric and hair is the same, then it becomes tougher for you to see the hair that is attached to it.

How to Control Dog Hair in the House or Clothes

There could be plenty of ways to solve this problem but we will tell you 6 simple but effective and practical hacks to remove unwanted pet hair around you.

Pet Hair Removal Tool

  1. Dish Sponge
  2. Lint Roller
  3. Duct Tape
  4. White Vinegar
  5. Dryer Sheet
  6. Vacuum
  7. Steam Cleaner
  8. Rubber Gloves

Following are the effective ways to remove pet hair from clothes and other surfaces.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is one of the most natural and eco-friendly way of cleaning. Steam cleaner emits high pressure tiny but hot vapor to soften the targeted area, whether its cleaning stubborn stains or removing of pet hairs from the fabric. Its dry vapors soften the surface and deeply penetrate into the fiber. Eventually, hair loses its grip and easily comes out.

Using Dish Sponge

Before putting your clothes into the washing machine for final treatment, you should try this method. We all know that a dish sponge is normally used in the kitchen but it is a great handy tool to deal with hair removal from the clothes.

Lay down the clothes on any flat surface, now get a dry sponge and rub it in a downward position to gather the fur at the lowest side of the clothes. Remember, it is good to use the rough side of the sponge, it will be more effective to remove sticky hair out of fabrics.

Keep in mind that when you do this procedure, don’t start it on the floor, we suggest you do this outside the home or near the waste bin. Because it is not necessary, that your clothes catch hair only when you get near to pets, it is also possible that the clothes may catch those floating hair on the floor or furniture surface.

Try to pick every hair out of your cloth to make your shirt free of hair. But if there is still some hair has left on the clothes, slightly damp the sponge so that it effectively picks the hair from the surface.

 Using of Lint Roller

Another classic way of removing pet hair is using a lint roller. Although it is commonly used for lint removing, it is also quite practical to remove pet hair as well. Secondly, you need to get an appropriate lint roller that has more sticky power to disentangle every stubborn embedded hair.

Now simply roll it on the fabric surface, repeat it until all the hair is removed from the clothes. If you still find some hair, you can first gently apply a sponge and then use a roller to gather stubborn hair.

Unlike a sponge, a lint roller neither spreads the hair nor lets it fall down on the ground, rather it collects hair and keeps them in one place. So no need to worry about collecting hair from the ground surface

Using Duct Tape

Another cheap option is duct tape which can be easily available. If you don’t have a lint roller, you can use this option.

Cut off the tape into several stripes and paste them into your affected area. Press it so that the gluey side grabs the fur. Now gently take it off. It will easily pick up all the hair on that side.

Using White Vinegar

It has been proved several times that just washing is not a solution to make your clothes free of fur. Sometimes you have to do add extra things to get desired results.

If you want to get rid of pet hair from different things like fabric couch, clothes, or car in less time and with no side effects. Then you need to add ½ cup of white vinegar to the washing machine. This will reduce the stickiness in the fabric. At the end of the washing cycle, hair in the fabric loses its grip. When you complete the dry cycle, all of the hair can be gathered in a lint trap.

Using Dryer Sheet

A dryer sheet is another good option in the hair removal process along with general washing and drying. Its anti-static feature pushes back the hair and brings it into the dryer’s lint trap.

Now start the dryer for at least 10 minutes. You can do it with low heat or without heat. The next step is to run the laundry using a tumble cycle. It will untie the fabrics and pet hair.

This technology uses heat and airflow to quickly dry your clothes. It makes your stuff soft and smell good. It offers multi-options like heat, timing, and cycles according to particular needs.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves is one of our most favorite way to get rid of pets hair from the fabric of your clothes or furniture. This handy tool creates static cling that means static electricity, its basically an imbalance of electric charges between fabric and gloves. This make easy to remove pet hairs from the surface.

Tip: Make sure while rubbing the area holding pet hairs, rub it in one direction to catch maximum hair. 


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