Best Steam Cleaners for Cars 2022 [Reviews, Buying Guide & Benefits]

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All car owners will agree with me that cleaning car interior is a painful job especially if you have to do it yourself. It is not only time consuming process but also requires a lot of effort.

Best Steam Cleaners For CarsFrequent travelling with kids and pets increases the probability of car catching bad stains, dirt marks, pet hairs etc. and it will lead to cleaning car on regular basis to keep it neat and tidy.

For this purpose, you need a machine that can suck out all the gunk and slimy materials off from the car seats and its interior.  I know many people struggle with this issue and are looking for help.

Hence, I’ve come up with a solution and going to propose you the top 10 best steam cleaners for cars. These are powerful steam cleaning machines that will take care of your car interior as well as exterior and will enable you to DIY deep clean your vehicle.

Best Steam Cleaners for Cars [Reviews, Buying Guide & Benefits]

Please give it a good read and try to find the best device compatible with your requirements. Lets look at our top 10 best steam cleaners for cars.

1. PurSteam Steam Cleaner
  • No-harsh chemicals
  • Heat-up in 3-4 mins
  • Perfect for hard to reach areas
  • 3-bar pressure
2. Bissell Big Green
  • 25ft long cord
  • Professional cleaning power
  • Fast-drying time
  • 5-year limited warranty
3. Bissell Little Green
  • Tackle tough stains
  • 48-ounces tank capacity
  • Hydro rinse attachment
  • Easy to store
4. Dupray Steam Cleaner
  • Large capacity 1600ml
  • Heat up in 7mins
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • 50mins of cleaning time
5. Wagner Spraytech
  • Wallpaper removal tool
  • Powerful uninterrupted steam
  • Chemical free + no residue
  • Long run time
6. Rug Doctor Spot Cleaner
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Dual-tank system
  • Eliminates embedded dirt
  • Easy hose wrap at back
7. McCulloch MC1375
  • Sanitizes all sufaces
  • 20 versatile accessories
  • 90mins of cleaning time
  • 18ft cord + 10ft hose
8. Bissell Pro-Heat Cleaner
  • 37-ounces of tank capacity
  • 3-inch tough stain tool
  • Easy filling and emptying
  • Heatwave technology
9. Steamfast SF-370
  • Steam kills 99.9% of germs
  • 15 versatile accessories
  • 100% chemical free freshness
  • Integrated cord wrap
10. COSTWAY Steam Cleaner
  • 1.5L tank capacity
  • 4.0 bar work pressure
  • 16ft long cord+2 extension tubes
  • Accessories compartment

1. PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner

[amazon box=”B06XHXFHWG”]
  • Sanitizes, cleans and freshens up the whole house
  • Safe and multi-purpose cleaning for different surfaces
  • Lightweight and portable
  • economical

  • Small tank capacity, needs refill for big room
  • Short power cord, but it’s not a big problem

Pursteam Multi Functional Handheld Steam CleanerPursteam is one of the best multipurpose hand-held steam cleaners. It eliminates all the stubborn stains from tiles and grout, wooden floors, carpets, upholstery, recliners, or furniture.

Its portability, along with an approximately 10-foot power cord, makes this device worthwhile among its competitors. Use it on your furniture, hard to reach areas, or steam that dirty car in the garage.

This handy device needs some pre-heating to increase power and efficiency. It takes about 3-4 minutes to reach the maximum temperature to carry out the task right away. Hot pressurized steam helps remove spots, degrease ovens or grills, kill bed bugs, and molds.

The best part is, this little gadget works excellent to wash a car. It takes a few minutes to get a car interior neat and clean, rather than putting a lot of effort and time by scrubbing the car.

Furthermore, it comes with a 9-piece accessory kit; the ultra-fast streaming device easily gets in the nooks and corners of your room and appliances. The kit includes nylon and ironing brush, extension hose, funnel, measuring cup, window sequence, and brushing cloth. You may use to get your bed sheets and clothes wrinkle-free with the help of attachments.


2. Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner Machine

[amazon box=”B00450U6CS”]
  • Extra-long power brush for deep cleaning
  • Two separated tanks, for clean and dirty water
  • 2x professional deep cleaning formula protects from future stains
  • 5-year limited warranty

  • Its cost a lot, but works great
  • A bit big and heavy, difficult to lift

Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet CleanerProfessional steaming devices hit differently than those all-purpose ones. Bissell’s Big Green is one such example. It is manufactured from superior and first-rate materials, and this machine is an enduring and dependable guy.

It has a big tank capacity that can hold 1.75 gallons of water and doesn’t need a refill for cleaning a big room. The presence of a dual water tank quickly gets the job done. One tank serves as a container for the dirty water while the other one holds clean water.

Moreover, its extra-large dirt lifter power brush works outstanding in removing dirt and pet messes embedded in the carpet.

With its 25-feet power cord, you get the freedom to move around without giving a cent about the power switches. Big Green has an extra-ordinary suction power that makes the process straightforward and effortless.

Its anti-tip design and the Scotch Gard protection, deep clean your carpet, making them look anew. Likewise, for scrubbing off sticky and slimy grime, it comes with an extra-large dirt lifting brush. A 9-foot hose, a storage bag, a 6’’ stair tool, and three trial Bissell oxy-based formulas are all part of the kit to protect the whole surface from future stains.

In addition to that, it can clean the surface both forward and backward pass. This tremendous feature increases its worth to pick up this device.

The best interest to buy this powerful machine is 5 years of limited warranty.


3. Bissell Little Green Multi-purpose Steam Cleaner

[amazon box=”B0016HF5GK”]
  • Powerful suction power, along with strong spray
  • Little, compact, easy to lift and store
  • Ideally remove spots from carpets, car interiors and hard to reach areas
  • 48 ounces tank capacity, easy to remove and refill

  • Not remove stains effectively, but lighten them
  • Difficult to clean dirty reserve water tank

Bissell Multi Purpose Portable Carpet And Upholstery CleanerNext on the list is Bissell little green multi-purpose cleaner. This portable spot cleaner handles all the stubborn stains and spots with the help of its powerful suction.

Little green is light in weight and portable. Therefore, it’s easier to carry the device around, making the work less for you. Moreover, due to its small and compact structure, it is easy to store the device wherever you want to.

The unit constitutes a removable water tank that can hold almost 48-ounces of water. One water tank holds in clean water, whereas the other one has dirty water sucked out from the surface.

It is based on a suction mechanism that blends in hot water and cleaning formulas to get the job done. All you need to do is, add the stain-free formula with lukewarm water to fill up the line and attach the water tank back in. And finally, you are ready to go in just a minute.

The best bit is, this portable spot cleaner can be used for small areas like stairs, rugs, upholstery, cleaning of your car seat or carpet, clothes cleaning, your heavy beddings, and other household stuff all can be done in just 4-5 minutes.

Bissell products are known for a decent number of accessories that are always on par with the device. This unit comes with a hydro rinse tool used to clean the steam hose after its use. A trial size spot and a stain formula are also part of the kit and the 3’’ tough stain tool.

Most importantly, in this machine, you have a choice to buy the color of your own choice, as it comes in 2 different colors purple and green.


4. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

[amazon box=”B07C44DM6D”]
  • large tank capacity of 54 ounces
  • Non-toxic cleaning for all surfaces
  • 18 solid accessories and attachments
  • Steam lock for continuous steaming for 50 mins
  • Integrated cord wrap under the device

  • Needs 20 mins of break to refill
  • Long processing of device cause it to heat up the handle and hose

Dupray Neat Heavy Duty Steam CleanerThis steam cleaner is amongst those giant devices that somehow can do it all. This steam cleaning machine is designed to be multi-purpose and functional. ETL Certified, the steam cleaner is deemed safe for consumer use.

Dupray cleaner is equipped with a retractable handle and rolling wheels, which makes its transport and portability easier. Like all other appliances, this one also comes with a product warranty of 2-years.

You can use tap water, and the system takes about 7 minutes to heat up. This process makes steaming effective and efficient. The easy-to-reach 6’6’’ steam hose emits out a 135oC high-pressure steam. It contains a water tank with 1600 ml capacity designed to give you a cleaning time of about an hour per filling.

The multi-purpose device allows you to use is for some DIY creativity as well. Just with the help of an ordinary towel or any other piece of cloth, it can clean your dirty floors and shelves as well.

Along with a deep clean, it sanitizes and gets rids of all those dirty pests and microbes. You can use it for your car interiors, household items, kitchen appliances, tiles, and grouts.

This machine is one of those rare products that worth more than its price because of its high-quality attachments and powerful 275 F superheated steam to kill 100% of germs.

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5. Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner

[amazon box=”B003PGQI3Y”]
  • 48 ounces of tank capacity works constantly for 45 mins
  • easy to remove old wallpaper through wallpaper steam plate
  • Cleans all the surfaces naturally by using distilled water
  • 11 versatile attachments for different tasks

  • No visible reservoir to check water level
  • Takes much time to pre-heat around 10-12 mins

Wagner Spraytech 0282014 915 Household Steam CleanerWagner spraytech 915 is an on-demand steam cleaner to use on every square inch of the house. This won’t ever disappoint you.

The device allows an auto-lock that gives steaming for a continuous amount of time. With smooth-rolling wheels on the system, it is portable and easier to carry around.

The presence of its 8-foot steam hose gives this device flexibility and moves around freely.

The 120-volt Wagner 915 power steamer gets ready to go in just 10 minutes. Its strong pressurized steam system disinfects the whole house from one end to another.

It holds up to 48 ounces of water, enabling the device to work for as long as 45 minutes continuously at a high temperature. Its Super-hot steam quickly loosens out the dirt and grime, making its removal easier. It is recommended to use distilled water.

The best part is, it doesn’t require harsh chemicals for removing old wallpaper. Using wallpaper steam plate attachment softens the wallpaper first and then can take it off quickly.

This perfect household steam cleaner can be used for various surfaces, kitchen appliances, toilets, windows, floors and many others. Moreover, it can be used to clean outdoor furniture, camping equipment, and many more.


6. Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner

[amazon box=”B018A3EVOE”]
  • Lightweight and compact structures makes easy to move around
  • Dual tank capacity for dirty and clean water
  • Biobased formula with pro-enzymatic action removes pet stains and odors
  • Cord and hose wrap nicely at the back

  • Cord is small for big area
  • Sounds louder at night

Rug Doctor Pet Portable Powerful And Lightweight Spot CleanerThis handheld dual-action steam cleaner is designed for perfect spot removal. This machine has twice the suction power than your standard devices. With its robust suction power, the mess is cleaned up, and the surface dries quickly.

Everyone loves kids and pets, but the mess created by them in the car is difficult to handle. Therefore, Rug Doctor Pet Psc is the best solution to the problem. Its silicon-based bristles help remove embedded dirt, food particles, dust, pet hair, and odor efficiently.

Apart from that, this mini handheld steam cleaner plays a massive role in car detailing.

Rug Doctor 93390 is a cute little device that needs less space to store due to its compact body. Furthermore, with a retractable handle, attached wheels, and lightweight, the device moves wherever you want it to move.

It can be used for regular cleaning of the carpet and upholstery as well. Its 1.9-liter water dual water tank and the attached tools are all washable, ensuring hygiene and safety.

It comes with a 15 ft. cord length, an upholstery tool, rubber brush with heavy-duty bristles, and a tool hose of 5-ft. It can scrub off the contaminants with a wide head and comes with a Pure Power Pet Stain and Odor spot trial formula.


7. McCulloch MC1375 Multi-Purpose Canister Steam Cleaner

[amazon box=”B00G00BT72″]
  • 48 ounce of large tank capacity
  • 18 ft long power cord for hard to reach areas
  • Steam kills 99% of germs and bacteria
  • Naturally cleans the surfaces without chemicals

  • Takes little more time to heat up

Mcculloch Mc 1375 Multi Purpose Steam CleanerMcCulloch is the name of power-packed performance designed for getting the job done. From its sturdy framework to a robust motor fitted in, the device will be a wonderful addition to your household appliances.

This multi-purpose steam cleaner is excellent for purifying and mopping. With the support of a 10-foot steam hose and 18-foot power cord makes it possible to clean inaccessible areas.

Getting rid of grease, stains, molds, and microbes are easy for this unit. Instead of using any artificial detergents or any chemical formulas, the steamer uses high-pressured steam to clean, sanitize and deodorize the surface.

A 48-ounce reservoir takes up about 12 minutes to get the device started. After this, the device has plenty of energy saved up that can run the system for about 90 minutes. The system attains a steaming pressure of 58 PSI that can be adjusted by its optional steam lock action.

Sometimes, its steam gets a bit weak, but you can clean every nook and cranny of your house and car by having patience.

From its name, it’s evident that the system is multi-functional and can clean a variety of surfaces like grout to ceramic tiles, laminated flooring, car interior, and wooden surfaces.

Up to 20 attachable tools come with this unit. These tools not only enhance its performance but also present the user with several options to choose from. These include a brass brush, angled nozzle, squeegees, and more.


8. BISSELL Spot Clean Pro-Heat Portable Spot and Stain Cleaner

[amazon box=”B07Q2MKX5C”]
  • Heatwave technology helps to maintain water temperature
  • Permanently removes stubborn stains
  • 37 ounces of tank capacity works for half an hour

  • Slow suction power

Bissell Pro Heat Portable Spot And Stain Carpet CleanerIn this age of mobile cleaning, this multi-purpose device Bissell spot clean 2694 helps eliminate even the toughest of the stains and spots from hard to reach areas forever.

The device is compact and light-weight, with a modern and classy design. Due to the small size, it requires a little space for storage. You can place it under the bed or sink.

Moreover, it comes with a 15 ft long power cord and uses 3 amps of power to finish off the job. Besides, the cord firmly wraps around the steamer, which is one of the fantastic aspects of this machine.

Best of all is it comes with the tremendous feature of heatwave technology. It helps to sustain the water temperature while cleaning operations.

Based on two easy-to-remove water tanks, each with a tank capacity of 0.289 gallons, you get plenty of cleaning time at your hand. It uses a blend of warm water and specially designed cleaning formula that softens the floor’s dirt. As a result, surface cleaning is just a swipe away.

Apart from that, there is no need to throw out things like carpet, area rugs, upholstery, and many more. Whether it is the floor surface that needs cleaning or a car auto detailing, this device can do it all.

In addition to that, it comes with a spray nozzle, a vacuum unit, and a deep reach tool. It gives the best performance when used with Bissell’s Professional Spot and Stain +Oxy formula.


9. Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner

[amazon box=”B0051T8XMW”]
  • 48 ounces of large tank capacity gives 45 mins of cleaning
  • Multi-purpose steam cleaner
  • 100% chemical free freshness
  • Integrated cord wrap

  • Takes too much time to heat up
  • Lack accessories bag

Steamfast Sf 370 Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner CopySteamfast is a name of quality and trust. Over time, its superior quality products have made a name for itself. Certified and tested for safety, the pressure unit is safe to use for kids and adults likewise.

The system comes with a 15-foot wrapped power cord, a handle for holding the device and wheels for easy transport and maneuvering. It has an in-built flexible 6.5’’ power hose that easily gets into hard-to-reach areas, making a deep and profound clean possible.

Further to this, it includes a large tank capacity comprising 48 ounces and works continuously for more than half an hour. With the ability of 1500 watts, it Kills 99% of microbes in a few minutes.

In addition to that, several appliances from kitchen sinks to countertops, showers to floors can be cleaned. Use it for ceramic tiles, wood flooring, laminated surfaces, BBQ grills, automobiles, and several other devices. The steam power in itself is so strong that you don’t require any detergent or chemical.

A total of 15 accessories come along with this strong, powerful device. A scrub tool, jet nozzle, utility brushes, mop pads, and fill cup are a few to mention. A 2-year replacement and repair offer is valid as well.


10. COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

[amazon box=”B07PY2L1M6″]
  • Hot pressure steam sanitizes all surfaces
  • No harsh chemicals for cleaning
  • 51 ounces of large tank reservoir + hidden accessories box
  • Soft pipe: 79.0 provides added maneuverability

  • Needs more time for heating

Costway Heavy Duty Household Steam CleanerLast but not least, Costway steam cleaner that comes in the color tone of orange and black. This steam cleaner is a multi-functional device designed to tackle multiple jobs. It has an ergonomic design and easy operations that make it consumer-friendly. With some killer specs, Costway devices are on the top list.

It has a large water storage capacity of 1.5 Liters that can give a continuous cleaning cycle of 40 to 50 minutes.

Moreover, it comes with two rolling wheels that deal with its mobility and portability. And can be moved freely to any corner of the room.

As safety comes first, therefore, an over-heating system and an auto shut off feature are integrated. The device is stated fit and safe for use by the ETL certification.

It uses a steaming temperature of 226 °F that deeply cleans the surface, making it free from dust, germs, molds, and even the common bed bugs. 4-bar steam pressure is enough to do it all. Therefore, you don’t require any additional cleaning agents.

Best of all, it contains an accessories box at the back to hold 18 distinct and versatile attachments for various purposes.

Whether it is your window panes, doors, showers, transport vehicles, or outdoor furniture, this device can take up all of them at once.

If you have an aching back, this long handle steam cleaner is the best option for you.


Best Steam Cleaner For Cars Buying Guide 2021

Here are few things to consider while buying a right steam cleaner for car detailing:


Cost is the first ever feature that everyone should keep in mind while buying anything. Handheld steam cleaners are less expensive rather than canister steam cleaner. Pick one of them according to your pocket friendly.

Tank Capacity

Reservoir size plays role in steam cleaning. As it is associated with for how long it produces steam. Big tank capacity means long running time, no or less chances to refill plus heavy to move around.


Mobility of cleaning device is the most important factor. To disinfect every stiff and hard to reach areas handheld steam cleaner is the best choice to go with.

Steam Pressure

To deep clean and disinfect all surfaces steam pressure must take into consideration. As it is one of the most crucial features. High steam pressure means highly effective to perform task weather its cars or grout cleaning and killing bed bugs or dust mites.

Tools and Accessories

While making final decision don’t forget to look for accessories. There are different attachments for performing different tasks. They help you to get rid of stressful cleaning.

Right Tool for Right Job

Finally yet importantly, every steam cleaner has its own distinct specifications. Steaming machines are performing different tasks in a different way according to requirement.  So, before choosing one, make it clear for what purpose you’re purchasing this. Do your complete research before buying to avoid future disappointments.

Advantages of Using Steam Cleaner for Car

Cost Saving

Cleaning a car is necessary as cleaning a house. If you ignore doing so, thick layer of grime took place on different parts. And then times come when you have to replace them by spending hundreds of dollars. But steam cleaning a car not only saves your pocket but also increase the resale value of the car.


As it is already mentioned in the article, steam cleaner is not only to clean a car but it also useful to disinfect floors, cleans grout and eliminates stubborn grease and grime from the kitchen.


The best part is it’s easy to use and carry. Just fill the water tank, plug it in, and ready to go in 3-5 mins.


The best factor is steam cleaning doesn’t require any harsh chemicals to clean or disinfect. All you need is to use distilled or regular tap water to produce hot and powerful steam.

Types of Steam Cleaners for Automobile

Handheld Steam Cleaner

Handheld steam cleaner as the name suggests are handy and easy to move in and around the house. It is very useful for removing stubborn stains from tiles and grout, kills germs and bacteria, de-grease kitchen appliances, remove spots from upholstery & furniture and best for cleaning car interior and exterior.

Handhelds take less time to get ready to steam rather than other industrial steamers. It’s an ideal choice for small but difficult task.


  • Less expensive
  • Best for small tasks
  • No space issue, easy to store
  • Portable and user-friendly


  • Small water tank not for big tasks

Canister Steam Cleaner

Canister steam cleaner is also named as vapor steam cleaner. It’s quite bigger than the handheld steamer, because of its large tank capacity. This advantageous feature also makes this machine heavy to lift and move.

Apart from this, it needs no refills and works for longer time to eliminates and sanitize stubborn stains from the surface.

Best part is canister holds the features of both mop and handheld steam cleaner.


  • Big water reservoir for huge task
  • Long running time with no refills
  • High pressure to kills 99.9% of germs
  • Versatile accessories & attachments


  • Expensive than other competitors
  • Difficult to manage and store

Best Steam Cleaner for Auto Detailing

Our recommendation for car auto detailing is our top pick product Dupray Neat steam cleaner. It emits strong enough up to 275 F of powerful steaming to get satisfactory results. Easily eradicate bed bugs, dust mites and molds, degrease, and remove stubborn stains from the floors, carpet, tiles and grout. Moreover, it kills 100% of germs and bacteria from car interiors and hard to reach areas. Without utilizing toxic solutions keeps surfaces safe and healthy.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning for Car Interior

Eliminates odors:

Steam cleaner eradicates pets stains and urine odor from car seat and carpet. And make it certain that dirty spots will never come back after drying.

Disinfect and Freshen:

Steam cleaning is one of the well-known methods to clean and purify. It helps to sanitize whole surface of the car in no time and keep environment fresh and healthy. All you need is to get a desired machine for desired purpose of cleaning.

Hard to reach Areas:

Every steam cleaner comes with lots of premium quality tools and accessories that are useful to clean every hard to tackle area inside the car.

Immediate dry:

Once you are done with steam cleaning, the best part is it makes it dry and able to sit in a car within half an hour.

Benefits of steam cleaning for car exterior

Removes dirt:

Quickly remove all the dust and dirt without any effort from the exterior part of the car.

No residues:

Steam cleaning of floors, carpet, furniture, and of a car helps to clean and purify all the minor but harmful moisture that left behind.

Streaking Free:

It prevents cars front and window glass from streaking and make it look as new.

Easy and quick cleaning:  

Steam cleaning is the simple and quick way of purifying car exterior. It helps to get the jobs done within few minutes.


Is steam cleaning good for cars?

Steam cleaner is a device works great in eliminating dirt, dust, and microbes hidden inside the car. Moreover, it disinfects the car without use of toxic agents, no adverse effects, plus adequate for both car exterior and interior.

How does a steam cleaner works?

All you need to do just pour some water in the tank plug it in and it is ready to go in just 5-6 mins. Heating system inside the tank rises the water temperature to produce steam. It comes out through steam tubes.

How long does it take to steam clean a car?

Time to steam clean a car depends on the task you want to perform. If you want to clean full car interior then it approximately takes around hour or two. Bear in mind the fact that if it is too messy then it will be the longest-running duty to perform.

Does steam cleaning damage car paint?

While steaming a car exterior, it is appropriate to steam from a distance of 5-10 inches to prevent the surface from damaging.

Final Words

Shortlisting a steam cleaner, like other electrical appliances, is tricky work. Knowing the technical terms, and differentiating what the device offers and what you require is also difficult. Therefore, I’ve tried to cover all the vital and the most basic points with this article. With the top 10 best steam cleaners for cars covered, it’s time to wrap up this article. I hope you had a good time reading it. As always, do share your critical analysis and constructive feedback in the comments down below. Don’t shy away from voicing your opinions and, of course, your questions and queries. You may mail them to me, and soon I’ll get back to you.

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