Dupray Neat vs McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner – Detailed Comparison

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Dupray Neat Vs Mcculloch Mc1275 Steam CleanerLooking for an affordable, durable, and versatile machine that can efficiently clean your house flooring’s and carpets? Amongst so many best steam cleaners available in the market, I have pick pointed the two well rated ones that possess the capability to give your house a good cleanup. Both of the cleaners have been marked as multi-purpose steamer and customer’s favorite since years and also belong to the high-end trustworthy brands. So, without any further ado, let us get onto the product comparison between a Dupray Neat and a McCulloch 1275 Steam Cleaner.

In case if you want to give a quick glance to the features of the steam cleaners in comparison with one another, check out this table below.

FEATURES Dupray Neat Stream Cleaner McCulloch 1275 Stream Cleaner
Tank size 54 ounces 48 ounces
Heating capacity 250 degrees 200 degrees
Number of Accessories 18 18
Relative Price Costlier Affordable
Durability 3 years warranty claim 2 years warranty claim
Water steaming time 7 minutes 10 minutes
THUMBS DOWN FOR Expensive in regard to its level and value of performance Accessories are of low quality, might need to be replaced often times


Still confused? No worries. Check out the detailed products comparison review I have compiled for you. There you go….

Dupray Neat vs McCulloch1275 Steam Cleaner: Which One To Go For? 

Let me tell you one fun fact before beginning to draw a comparison sketch between the two good rated steam cleaners. Both of these seem to be almost identical! The have got features which are alike, however hold considerable differences when it is about specification of those features. Let’s explore a bit about Dupray Neat vs McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner before giving our final verdict on these two best steam cleaners.

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1. The Water Capacity

Dupray And Mcculloch Tank CapacityTank size is one important feature in figuring out whether a steam cleaner is suitable for your use or not. Over here, McCulloch 1275 has got a tank which has a capacity of 48 ounces and can hold a good amount of water. On the contrary, Dupray Neat steam cleaner wins the game by offering an additional 6 ounces and taking the overall figure to 54 ounces.

Big water tanks allow more water to be stored in the tank and therefore you would not have to refill the water and steam it up again. This is generally good when the areas you want to clean are considerably large. Also, steam cleaners with lesser tank capacities will work fine for cleaning stains, molds and grease off appliances and furniture corners.

2. The Steaming Duration

Dupray Neat And Mcculloch Steaming DurationFor people who like hassle free cleaning, steamers that can warm up water quickly work good for them. McCulloch 1275 steam cleaner has a water warming duration of approximately 10 minutes, whereas Dupray Neat steam cleaner can do the task in 7 minutes only. The efficiency of both the cleaners can now be compared, considering the fact that once full’ Dupray neat would have more water in the tank as compared to McCulloch.

This means that Dupray has the capability to warm up more water in lesser time, whereas McCulloch can steam relatively lesser amount of water in greater time.

3. The Accessories In The Box

Dupray Neat And Mcculloch Accessories And Attachments For Different TasksBoth of the steam cleaners have got in their package a set of 18 accessories for ease of usage. These accessories can be used for different purposes such as scrubbing, padding or edge cleaning. The only difference that lies over here is that McCulloch has got relatively cheaper quality accessories, whereas the set of tools provided along with Dupray are of good standard. The bristles of the brushes would not get off easily, and you would not have to replace them often times too.

4. The Performance Status

Dupray Neat And Mcculloch Sanitize And Kills Bed BugsDupray Neat steam cleaner has got a heating capacity of 250 degrees, which shows that no bacteria would be able to escape it. Grease, grim and all types of molds will also melt off easily when exposed to such a high temperature, and you would not have to make much effort in cleaning the stubborn stains. Definitely the best steam cleaner for killing bed bugs, too!

McCulloch 1275 can heat up water up to 200 degrees only. Though such a temperature figure is good for sensitization, but still might not be able to work efficiently to remove dust and mold from every corner of your house. You might have to go for a second trip, for better and clearer results.

5. The Warranty Claim

Durability counts significantly, when it is about investing such a great amount of money for a good quality product. Dupray Neat comes up with a warranty claim of 3 years, which shows that the brand has taken the product’s performance responsibility and would definitely make an exchange if the product does not work up to its performance for the mentioned duration.

A 2 years warranty has been claimed for the other steam cleaner which is quite fair for its price. Since the Dupray cleaner costs higher than the McCulloch 1275, means there certainly has to be a little difference in their durability as well. Both of the cleaners if used with proper care and maintenance can even last for a life time, so this product characteristic also depends upon the customer’s usage factor.

6. The Ease Of Use

Dupray Neat And Mcculloch User Friendly Steam CleanerA good steam cleaner should also be easy to install, connect and use. Both of the steam cleaners do not require any special processing before setting them up. However, one major difference lies in between the hose pipe length.

McCulloch possess a steam hose pipe measuring 9 feet, so that you can power plug the cleaner to any socket in the lounge and easily clean the flooring of the adjacent room. Dupray Neat steam cleaner has got a hose pipe which is only 6.5 feet long, so the reach of this product is not much superior as compared to the fore mentioned cleaner.

7. The Price Tag

If you are looking for an affordable option, that could last for a good time and perform the necessary cleanup functions, I would recommend you go for the McCulloch 1275 steam cleaner. The Dupray Neat steam cleaner is relatively expensive, and its performance features justifies the price tag. Its powerful super-heated steam, capable of eliminating bacteria and infections without the usage of any chemicals is what adds up more to the overall price tag.

What I Like About Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

This steam cleaner would be a good choice, if you need to clean and sanitize floors and garage areas every day. It has the capacity to keep water warm up to 50 minutes, which means you can clean an average sized house in one go only. It would also work best to clean garden banks and boundaries which usually get infected with bacteria and other minute plant insects.

Dust mites and bed bugs can also be easily eliminated using this super-heated steam cleaner. So, next time if you see mites crawling over your sitting couch’ grab the Dupray Neat Steam cleaner, fix the scrubbing accessory in front of the hose pipe,  fill the tank up, wait for 7 minutes and you are all set to wipe away the dust and insects off the mattress.

What I Like About Mcculloch 1275 Steam Cleaner

McCulloch is the best steam cleaner for tile floor, and also works amazingly when it is about cleaning automobile parts, furniture edges, and for electrical appliances as well. You can also use this cleaning machine to wipe away the dirt, grease and mold from kitchen counters and sinks. It would not be wrong if I give the title of the best steam cleaner for cleaning car interior to this masterpiece! Also, minerals and soap residue can be well treated using the super budget friendly McCulloch cleaner.

This multi-purpose product can be your favorite cleaning tool for years if you use it the right way and take better care of it. Though for larger area cleaning, you would have to refill the tank again and again and wait for a while to let the machine steam the water up’ but the performance would be satisfactory. If you do not use a steam cleaner on everyday basis, go for this option!


Is steam cleaner worth it?

Steam cleaner is one of the most efficient devices that eradicate stubborn stains and spots naturally without any adverse effect. It has the ability to kills 99.99% of germs, bed bugs, dust mites and microbes by using simple tap water. Moreover, sanitize and purify the entire surface in and around the house.

What is the best multi-purpose steam cleaner?

There are wide range of steam cleaners are available in the market. But after extensive research we came to a consequence that our top pick product Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner and McCulloch MC1275 are the best multi-purpose steam cleaners. Both can clean and sanitize floors, bedding, kitchen appliances, furniture, cars and more.

Does steam really sanitize?

Yes, steam cleaning is an effective way of killing various kinds of viruses and bacteria’s. Its powerful heating system can produce up to 200 Fahrenheit that is hot enough to sanitize and purify whole surface without any hassle.

Can you use tap water in a steamer?

Most of the steam cleaner machines demands to fill up the tank with distilled water to get a spotless surface. But it’s a little known fact that you can use even a simple tap water to get clean and disinfected surroundings.

Bottom Line

Dupray Neat steam cleaner is a good product to invest in, if you want to purchase a reliable cleaning machine that could work up to your expectations with 100% guaranteed performance. Its accessories are also worth the price tag and would not annoy you with the replacement issue more frequently.

Though both of the cleaners do not hold many differences, but the better functionality and effective operation of Dupray makes it a 10/10. Rest on you, decide according to your budget and your preferences!


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