Jewelry Steam Cleaner Vs Ultrasonic Cleaner [June 2022]

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All of us love jewelry, as it is the essential accessory for special occasions and a sign of luxury. Woman looks stunning and make’s her feel confident. But what when this precious item loses its luster or turned tarnished?

Nothing to worry about, all gems needs attention to retain their glow.

To keep jewelry safe and in the best condition, you should know how to clean it properly. You can get back the shine of your jewelry by using best jewelry steam cleaners. For professional cleaning you must know which jewelry cleaner is perfect to use. 

We have come up with the two different types of jewelry cleaners, Ultrasonic cleaner and jewelry steam cleaner.

The main difference in both is the cleaning mechanism, the steam jewelry cleaners use steam at high pressure and remove the dirt or grime from your jewelry. While, the ultrasonic cleaners use sound waves of high frequency that form small bubbles in the cleaning solution and remove the unwanted stains or dirt, grime particles. 

Let’s dive into the details, so you can find the perfect jewelry cleaner.

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Jewelry Steam Cleaner Vs Ultrasonic Cleaner [Main Differences]

Jewelry Steam Cleaner

An advanced steam jewelry cleaner uses high-pressure steam to clean the jewelry. These personal jewelry steam cleaners have high-temperature heaters that convert the water into steam. The steam jewelry cleaner doesn’t require any kind of cleaning solution.

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The high heat and steam help to loosen the unwanted particles and get rid of them. But this method is quite expensive and may deteriorate the delicate or intricate jewelry. Or if your jewelry has small stones, gemstones, or pearls, high heat may turn them apart. 

The steam cleaner is usually remove the dirt, spots, and stains from your jewelry. These are suitable for small piece of jewelry.

The steam cleaners are more eco-friendly cleaners as they don’t use any kind of chemicals in their cleaning process. They only used high-pressure steam for removing dirt. 

Pros  of Steam Jewelry Cleaners 

The pros of the steam jewelry cleaner are given below: 

  • Chemical-free. 
  • Easy to use 
  • Restore the shine of your jewelry. 
  • Time-saving 

Cons  of Steam Jewelry 

Along with the pros of steam jewelry cleaners, some of their cons are also given in this article. 

  • They are not suitable for soft jewelry. 
  • They are not suitable for cleaning gemstones, glass, and porous materials

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner uses sound waves of high frequency that produce small-size bubbles in the cleaning solution that remove all the dirt from your jewelry. The cleaning solution of this cleaner consists of water and any water-soluble cleaning agent.

You can use any best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for this purpose. These cleaners are quite suitable for precious metal jewelry or those gemstones that have higher hardness and are not affected by ultrasonic waves. 

The ultrasonic jewelry cleaner not only remove dirt and stains but also kills harmful bacteria present on your jewelry. As the ultrasonic jewelry cleaners use the cleaning solution in their cleaning process. This cleaning solution contains simple tap water and a washing agent. 

They are suitable for metals like silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, and sapphires. 

Pros of Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners 

After checking the pros and cons of steam jewelry cleaners, now it’s time to check the pros of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. 

  • The ultrasonic cleaners are available in a large variety of sizes. 
  • You can use them for cleaning jewelry of precious metals. 
  • They are suitable for professional-level cleaning. 
  • They can kill the harmful germs on your jewelry. 

Cons of Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners 

Some of the cons of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are also given: 

  • They use chemicals for cleaning. 
  • Harmful of people due to dangerous radiations. 


The cost of steam cleaners is higher than ultrasonic cleaners. The steam cleaners range from $100- $1000 and depend upon requirement, specifications, and the amount of work. On the other hand, ultrasonic cleaners cost around $40-$100.


What fluid do you use in an ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry?

In ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, the cleaning fluid is a mixture of tap water and 1 tablespoon of diluted Ms. Clean. The ultrasonic waves produce bubbles in this solution and scrub away all the dirt. 

Are ultrasonic cleaners bad for jewelry?

The ultrasonic cleaners are usually good for the cleaning of metal jewelry such as silver, platinum, and gold. You can even clean your diamond jewelry with this cleaner. However, it is not suitable for the cleaning of Tungsten because it gets damaged by Sound waves. 

Do home ultrasonic jewelry cleaners work?

Yes! The home ultrasonic jewelry cleaners work and they are mostly used for the cleaning of precious metals. However, they don’t work for the cleaning of tungsten metal.

Will an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner remove tarnish?

Yes! The ultrasonic jewelry cleaners can remove the tarnish from your jewelry by using a cleaning solution. However, some of the cleaning solutions can damage the silver surface. 

Bottom Line!

We hope that now you fully understand the difference between steam jewelry cleaners and ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. The selection of the best jewelry cleaner depends on the type of your jewelry. So, select the cleaner wisely for the safety of your jewelry. Although both the jewelry cleaners are effective in their ways. The steam cleaners are chemical-free cleaners and are used for small jewelry. Meanwhile, ultrasonic cleaners are more suitable for the cleaning of metals and diamonds. 


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