Sargent Steam Cleaner Reviews

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Modern homeowners who go ‘green’ always wonder about ways to refresh things naturally quickly. It is hard to get rid of stains on tiled flooring using hand brushes and sponges. So, this issue will not happen anymore because we have the Sargent steam cleaner now. Moreover, Sargent’s steam cleaner will do wonders at making your floors look like they’ve never been oiled before.

This cleaner makes your surface spotless without wasting time or money using chemical cleaners. Additionally, chemical cleaners are harmful to humans and the environment as well.

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Sargent Steam Cleaner Cleaning System

Water Tank capacity

This steam cleaner got a considerable water tank capacity. 0.5 gallons of tap water converted into steam in just 8 minutes. And, it provides up to 2 hours of cleaning time.

Power and Pressure

It is a powerful steam cleaner and operates on 1450 watts, ensuring it works efficiently without wasting your time.

Sargent steam cleaner allows you to set the pressure according to your need. It comes with 3 pressure settings for your ease. So, it is perfect for light cleaning as well as for deep cleaning purposes.

It vaporizes any task with the pressurized stream of hot air coming from its dual toggles. So, it’s best to use one at first. In addition, you can increase how much cleaner or dirtier it gets according to your needs for different jobs.

Design And Construction

This versatile and powerful steam cleaner can handle a variety of tasks. The smart design allows you to adjust the amount of steaming power variably. Further, its dual low/medium flow triggers last up to 2 hours with continuous use.

The boiler has a separate switch so that you can power it off. Therefore, while continuing to steam until the pressure gauge registers zero, at which point it will automatically stop. In addition, you’ll never have any worries about forgetting when this happens.

Chemical-Free Cleaner

This steam cleaner is chemical-free even it is suitable for those who have a weak immune system. And it is a good option for patients who have cancer as it can not produce any toxic fumes.

Safety Features And Flexible Operations

It has a user-friendly design. The vacuuming brush is the best at cleaning up messes, while you can use hairs on other meetings for scouring or detailing. Furthermore, it provides you with mess-free cleaning as the mops aren’t stringy. There are no dirty buckets, and you don’t need to use rubber gloves, and your arm is not dripping water anymore.


To clean the Sargent steam cleaner boiler, start unscrewing the top of your unit, then inverting it over so that any leftover liquid falls out. Additionally, open up the bottom half with a special tool to remove all remaining moisture from the inside. Add fresh water until its full level indicator shows and shake well.

Be careful not to touch exposed components while moving around. Hence, boiler maintenance should always be done wearing protective gloves or washing hands throughout the procedure.

What’s In The Package

The package contains 17 attachments. A wide range of brushes, extension tubes, and other tools come together to create an amazing cleaning service.

You can use a jet nozzle with interchangeable heads for different floors on hardwood or tiles. Moreover, 2 hose extensions allow you to clean tight spaces such as corners without any problems.

The stainless steel brush is perfect for scrubbing walls. At the same time, getting rid of caked dirt from behind windowsills- will make sure no one has been hiding there unnoticed before moving back into their house again after being away due to business trips.


  • Dimensions: L x W x H 18 x 10 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 25.1 pounds
  • Base weights: 12 lbs
  • Color: red
  • Model number: BRZ2
  • Cleaning Time: up to 2 hrs
  • Recommended Surface: Hard Floor & Upholstery
  • Number of Pieces: 20
  • Power: 1450 Watts
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Operating Pressure: 65 Psi
  • Boiler Temperature: 295º F
  • Base Style: canister-style wheeled
  • Power Source: AC
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Warranty: 2 years on manufacture defects and 5 years on the tank


  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Safe to use as it is chemical-free
  • Perfect for deep cleaning
  • It comes with multiple attachments


  • High price
  • The thermostat might breakdown

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How to choose a steam cleaner?

You have to consider the following factors:

  • The size and weight of the cleaner.
  • Water tank capacity.
  • Noise level.
  • The ease of use.
  • Accessories and attachments.
  • The temperature and pressure.

What is the preferred PSI for a steam cleaner?

If you are looking for a steam cleaner for residential purposes or light cleaning, we recommend you look for a cleaner with 58 PSI. The operating pressure of the Sargent steam cleaner is 65 PSI. In addition, this steam cleaner is suitable for home and commercial usage for deep cleaning.

Does the Sargent steam cleaner vacuum up the dirty water?

No, a Sargent steam cleaner is not capable of sucking water.

Does it clean carpets?

Yes, you can clean your carpets with this Sargent steam cleaner. It is a chemical-free cleaner that ensures it is safe to use. Additionally, it can not cause any health problems and is safe for the environment as well.

What are the disadvantages of steam cleaning?

There are pros and cons of every item; the cons of steam cleaning are expensive. Secondly, the steam cleaners need time to get hot and sometimes it gets very hot.


Sargent’s Steam Cleaner is a well-designed, flexible system that delivers hotter and more highly pressurized output than most competitors. With on-demand modes to accommodate your needs as they arise with variable steam production capabilities. Therefore, this tool can adapt to any job you put before it.

A variety of attachments are available, including an extra-wide steamer.  Further, it may be a little costly than other models, but it offers missing features from cheaper designs. Lastly, it is durable and will last longer in daily use. If you’re looking for a steamer with serious capabilities, this durable model has everything. Consider this cleaner!


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